Monday, July 22, 2013

Brian Thompson signs with Gorgeous Media Group

“Gorgeous Media Group has signed Brian Ray Thompson for management. Brian is an avid skateboarder and has a great command of his physicality. His talents make him ideal for everything from action films to sitcoms.”

Booking: THE GREAT GATSBY - Bret Adams/Glasser Management

Role: Daisy Buchanan
Represented By: Bret Adams/Glasser Management
Casting Director: Harriet Bass

Booking: DANCING ON NAILS (NYC) - Louise Gubbay Associates (LA and London)

Role: Luba
Represented By: Louise Gubbay Associates (LA and London)
Casting Director: Allen Lewis Rickman
Additional Notes: We are delighted that our LA client, BRYNA WEISS will be taking over the role of Luba in DANCING ON NAILS at Theatre 80 (NYC) from next week. Bryna is represented by both our London and LA offices. She has had an extensive career to date including starring roles in CROSSROAD, A DELICATESSEN STORY and ASHES as well as numerous Guest Star TV roles and also many wonderful theatre credits.

Critics Picks July 22

Lila Dupree in the role of Cousuelo Hernandez,
El Grande de Coca Cola at Ruskin Group Theatre
“From the start of this takeoff on bad cabaret, Lila Dupree stands out amid the excellent ensemble for her ability to banter with the audience in a heavy Spanish accent. She sings (badly, on purpose), she dances (badly, on purpose), and she keeps the crowd in squealing, howling laughter.”

Marylouise Burke in the roles of Bee 2, Bee 3, and Bee 4, in A Parallelogram at Mark Taper Forum and...

Tom Irwin in the role of Jay, in A Parallelogram at Mark Taper Forum
“Marylouise Burke gives a marvelous comedic performance with near-perfect timing, and Tom Irwin is superlative as the beleaguered and bewildered victim of fate.”
—Melinda Schupmann

Hollis Resnik in the role of Mother Superior, Sister Act at Pantages Theatre
“Hollis Resnik’s dryly understated delivery is notable from the start, but when she takes the stage with ‘Here Within These Walls’ and in her solo ‘Haven’t Got a Prayer,’ her work is, well, superior.”
—Travis Holder

Ellen Geer in the role of Fanny Cavendish, The Royal Family at Theatricum Botanicum
“A theatrical legend is ideally cast as a theatrical legend, but instead of resting on her laurels, Ellen Geer delivers a tart and deeply-felt performance.”
—Bob Verini

Emilia Richeson in the role of T-Anne, Pack Up the Moon at Lounge Theatre
“What Emilia Richeson does with this character is awe-inspiring in its execution, dealing with every situation that comes her way with a last-grasp-at-life urgency.”
—Julio Martinez