Friday, July 19, 2013

Boutique Talent Manager Ranks #1 According To IMDBPRO Starmeter

Gigi Garner, Daughter of Hollywood Icon, James Garner, has been ranked as the #1 Manager according to the IMDBPRO People Directory.
Gigi Garner Management and Consulting ( is a small talent management company that has only been in business for three years. In that short amount of time, manager Ms. Garner has been able to secure [Series Regular], [Recurring] and [Guest Star] roles in major TV series like The Big Bang Theory, The Middle, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Revolution, Mad Men, The Mentalist, CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, Rules of Engagement, The Glades, Marvin Marvin, etc... Her clients’ other credits include roles on Lost, 24, and film classics such as: Footloose, 16 Blocks, Crimes of Passion, The Rock, The Lawnmower Man, Crazy on the Outside, How Do You Know, among many others. Ms. Garner has a sincere appreciation and innate understanding of the entertainment industry, specifically actors. Garner applies tenacity and dogged determination as well as social media and networking savvy to manage her small handpicked group of talented actors. Her company motto is: "We just want to work!" She attended the prestigious USC film school, studied film of the Third Reich in Germany and even worked at CAA for a bit. She is currently in the process of taking over her Father's worldwide brand Cherokee Productions. Mr. Garner is happy about his Daughter carrying on his legacy into the future and they currently have several exciting film projects in development.

Booking: HAWAII FIVE-0 - Park Noack Agency

Booked: HAWAII FIVE-0 Episode #402--"A'ale Ma'a Wau"
Represented By: Park Noack Agency
Casting Director: Jennifer Cooper Casting
Additional Notes: After shooting this is top of show guest-starring role in CBS' "Hawaii Five-0", Marcus Natividad is set to shoot supporting lead roles in the feature films "Elephant Stomp" and "Killer of Killers". Marcus' credits also include a supporting role in the upcoming feature film "Bullet" (starring Danny Trejo and Jonathan Banks) as well as stunt and/or motion capture roles in projects such as the upcoming feature film "Terms and Conditions" (starring Tom Sizemore, Vivica Fox, and Bai Ling) and video games such as "Call off Duty: Ghosts" and "Command and Conquer" (2013). Marcus is represented for television and film by Adam Park at Park Noack Agency and is managed with respect to commercials and print by Kaz Kawazoe at Kaz Talent Services. For more information about Marcus, please go to: and/or