Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Booking: GRASS STAINS - Acuity Ent. Mgmt.

Booked: Grass Stains
Role: Mr. Morris
Represented By: Acuity Ent. Mgmt.
Casting Director: Feldstein / Paris Casting
Additional Notes: As a talented actor who respects and continually improves his craft, Boyd has positioned himself for further success by continuing to sharpen his skills as a writer, producer, and director while the filmmaking industry takes notice. His feature film, a romantic comedy titled 4 Minutes, was not only accepted into the prestigious 2009 American Black Film Festival (ABFF) in Miami, FL - it was ranked top four out of 600 entries. With continued success, it was later accepted into the International Black Film Festival (IBFF) in Nashville, TN. Boyd recently directed the SAG feature- The Ivy League, which is set to be released later this year. He is also slated to direct his third feature, The Legacy of Frank Wallace, which is currently in development. https://www.facebook.com/AcuityEM https://www.facebook.com/therealdwayneboyd Twitter: @Dwayneboyd @AcuityEM

BRANDON WENGRZYNEK signs with Gorgeous Media Group

Gorgeous Media Group has signed – BRANDON WENGRZYNEK – for management. Brandon is an Muay Thai Kickboxer and Actor. His all-American good looks, physicality and talent as an actor make him a shoe-in for action films and espionage series.

Booking: QUARRY - Talent Trek Agency

Jason Edward Von Stein
Booked: QUARRY "Murder Ballads"
Role: Suggs
Represented By: Talent Trek Agency
Casting Director: Marty Keener Cherrix
Additional Notes: Watch for Jason, an up and coming new actor! Congrats on landing the principle role of SUGGS in this Cinemax pilot through Eco-Cast.

Booking: THE WALKING DEAD - Talent Trek Agency

Booked: THE WALKING DEAD Episode #406, "Rise"
Role: Don
Represented By: Talent Trek Agency
Casting Director: Fincannons
Additional Notes: Congratulations to Danny for landing the role of DON on "The Walking Dead" which is one of many he has booked through Eco-Cast!