Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Booking: AFTER SCHOOL - 3GManagement

Role: Brendan Peck
Represented By: 3GManagement
Casting Director: Lynne Quirion
Additional Notes: Wonderful actor with great emotional range to draw from. Andy always makes interesting choices. Lots of charisma and strengths in his acting abilities. Very powerful talent with great depth.

Booking: GIRLFRIENDS - Hartman Entertainment/Elev8

Booked: GIRLFRIENDS (Feature Film)
Role: Emily
Represented By: Hartman Entertainment/Elev8
Casting Director: Michael McQueen
Additional Notes: Congrats Lindsay! Lindsay is brilliantly talented and beautiful...Very funny! A quickly rising star. She has had 7 GUEST STARS, 6 CO-STARS on MAJOR PRIME TIME EPISODICS. Also, several LEADS and SUPPORTING ROLES in films. Fantastic talent... Be sure to watch for more of Lindsay! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0852780/

Booking: ANGER MANAGEMENT - 3GManagement/Media Artist Group

Role: The Nurse
Represented By: 3GManagement/Media Artist Group
Casting Director: G. Charles Wright Casting
Additional Notes: We just want to congratulate Jackie on her booking. She is a wonderful and well trained actress with very large range of emotions to draw from. Great with both comedy and drama and makes them both very real. Just seen on iCarly and the New Normal. Awesome Improv talent who has been with UCB and The Groundlings. Very gifted comic talent who handles dramatic moments just as well. Has a lot of style and class.

Booking: PERCEPTION - 3GManagement/Littman Talent

Booked: PERCEPTION Episode #211 "Obsession"
Represented By: 3GManagement/Littman Talent
Casting Director: Slater/Brooksbank Casting
Additional Notes: Congrats Cheyenne! A very strong actor, with a strong resume. Has an awesome range of emotions and great depth. Truly gifted with very strong abilities. Great talent with awesome skills. Was recurring in True Blood, strong resume, wonderful actor. Great choices that are very real. He was a recurring on True Blood. Just seen On "AMERICAN HORROR STORY" and soon to bee seen in "Master of Sex".

Travis Owens Signs with Gigi Garner Management

For the past couple years Travis Owens has been focusing on his Stand-Up comedy career. He has made quite a name for himself performing in major comedy clubs all over the U.S. and regularly performs stand-up comedy in some of the biggest comedy clubs in LA. In between comedy gigs, Owens has learned his craft well by joining The Groundlings, studying the Stanislavski method, the Meisner Technique for two years and taking scene study and scene analysis classes. Owens has worked on such productions as NBC’s Friday Night Lights, Sordid Lives-The Series, as well as significant roles in various films like: Re-Birthday, Moving Day, Disowning Claire, The Human Ticket and Upper Hand. Mr. Owens also writes, produces, and stars in several of his own projects like WAITER/ACTOR (play below:)

Booking: THE FOSTERS - 3GManagement/Aqua Talent

Booked: THE FOSTERS Episode #1008 "Clean"
Represented By: 3GManagement/Aqua Talent
Casting Director: Scott Genkinger / Deborah George
Additional Notes: Truly a wonderful dramatic actress with very strong comic abilities as well. Great comic timing and energy. Has a special appeal. She always makes very great choices in her acting style. Really, just an all around awesome actress. Well trained and has great depth and emotional range. Last seen on "Shake It Up" will be seen in "True Blood" in a recurring role. Congrats Danielle!

Booking: SAVAGE SISTAS - Nancy Chaidez & Associates and Rectangle Entertainment

Role: Bad Cop
Represented By: Nancy Chaidez & Associates and Rectangle Entertainment
Casting Director: Megan Foley
Additional Notes: Will be seen in two upcoming films CAPTURED and MODEL HOME...recently starred as Dee Wallace's deranged son "John" in HANSEL & GRETEL