Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Booking: 209 - Versa Manos/Gorgeous Media Group

Booked: 209 (A Short Film)
Role: Danny
Represented By: Versa Manos/Gorgeous Media Group
Casting Director: Dawn Fields
Additional Notes: Danny Herb and Matt Prater beat out 600 other actors for this project.

Booking: PACIFIC RIM - John Hamilton

Booked: PACIFIC RIM (Warner Bros)
Role: Wei Tang Clan
Represented By: John Hamilton
Casting Director: RDC Casting, Toronto Robin Cook
Additional Notes: Blockbuster "Pacific Rim" to open worldwide in the beginning of July 2013. The boys play the "RED" robots that help save the world. This is Guilermo Del Toro's newest feature in 3D and is the most expensive movie ever to be made in Canada. This is the first big project for the triplets.