Wednesday, March 13, 2013

THE GREAT FIGHT - Hoboken International Film Festival

A Voice Award nominee, THE GREAT FIGHT is the rare story of an autistic savant, whose prodigious skill is fighting—and maybe more. Starring Robert Loggia (Academy Award nominee; Scarface; Big), Eric Etebari (An Affirmative Act; The Lincoln Lawyer), Joyce DeWitt (“Three’s Company), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid; Rambo), and Charles Durning (2-time Academy Award/4-time Golden Globe/9-time Emmy winner and nominee), THE GREAT FIGHT is written/produced by acclaimed filmmaker/best-selling author/former judge, Kenneth Del Vecchio...FOX said of THE GREAT FIGHT - "This film will have you thinking"...Distributed by Screen Media Fims and InDemand, THE GREAT FIGHT is now airing On Demand, and is available on DVD everywhere...
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Booking: KROLL SHOW - Enigma Entertainment

Role: Robber #2
Represented By: Enigma Entertainment
Casting Director: Dorian Frankel