Saturday, March 2, 2013

Booking: BONES - Treadwell Entertainment/Mavrick

Booked: BONES #818 "The Party in the Pants"
Role: Birthday Girl
Represented By: Treadwell Entertainment/Mavrick
Casting Director: Rick Millikan
Additional Notes: Jona Xiao is a very talented actress who just booked a role on "Bones" and most recently shot a co-star role on "Two Broke Girls" and the ABC pilot "Trophy Wife"! Went to producers for FIRST FAMILY. Callbacks weekly. Jona is an incredibly talented actress with the ability to flip between the comedic and dramatic. Very athletic. Collegiate Lacrosse Champion. FLUENT MANDARIN.

Booking: UNTITLED DETECTIVE PROJECT (HBO) - Boutique Talent Agency

Role: Gordon DiCillo
Represented By: Boutique Talent Agency
Casting Director: Alexa Fogel/Meagan Lewis
Additional Notes: After wrapping on 4 Season's of HBO's TREME - Davi Jay (actor/singer) lands another recurring role on what is sure to be HBO's newest hit series an Untitled Detective Project starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Davi's strong theatrical background shows in his ability to nail the role in an effortless natural manner that makes you feel he is the character he is playing. Whether it be the Latino character Papo he played in 8 episodes of Prison Break or the like-able hard working Robinette from the 9th ward of New Orleans in 4 seasons of Treme or Recruiter Marcus Spires in Friday Night Lights.... he is so believable! Also look for him in the upcoming movie Dear Sidewalk and see why Davi Jay is considered a "natural".

Booking: SAM AND CAT - Treadwell Entertainment/AEF

Role: Justin
Represented By: Treadwell Entertainment/AEF
Casting Director: Krisha Bullock
Additional Notes: Austin Fryberger is 17 (but legal 18), 5 ft. 9 inches. He just booked a co-star role on the Nickelodeon Series SAM AND CAT. Talented actor with an edge. Most recently booked another co-star role on Days of Our Lives. Lots of print and commercial experience. Also an experienced athlete. A must see.