Friday, February 1, 2013

Booking: FRANKLIN AND BASH - Ad Astra Mgmt.

Booked: FRANKLIN AND BASH Episode #301
Role: Tricia
Represented By: ITA Talent Agency / Ad Astra Mgmt.
Casting Director: Pagano / Manwiller

Booking: AMERICA'S MOST WANTED - 90210 Talent

Role: DEA Agent
Represented By: 90210 Talent
Casting Director: Sande Alessi
Additional Notes: Kyle has also recently wrapped on: BOOK OF DANIEL where he played Arioch, starring Lance Henrkisen and Robert Miano. REVELATION ROAD 2 where he had a cameo with Brian Bozworth For 2013, Kyle is playing a lead in a short film OVERNIGHT which will be hitting the festival circuit this year!

Booking: AT&T Chinese New Year - Vesta Talent Agency

Booked: AT&T (Chinese New Year)
Role: Ambassador
Represented By: Vesta Talent Agency
Casting Director: Alyssa Hu
Additional Notes: Newly signed client Richard Ouyang is booking like crazy! The Dalai Lama's doppelganger, Richard is equally adept at comedy and playing dramatic heavies. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and Shangahinese, look for Richard playing opposite his son, comedian Jimmy Ouyang (and booking machine) in the TV series My Dad's Roommate.

Booking: MR. BOX OFFICE - Swenson Williams Talent Agency

Booked: MR. BOX OFFICE Episode #113, "Honor Code"
Role: Cary
Represented By: swenson Williams Talent Agency
Casting Director: London / Stroud
Additional Notes: Huge congrats to our client Sean Hampton Way to go!

Booking: UHC AARP Medical Supply Commercial - Across the Board Talent

Booked: UHC AARP Medical Supply Commercial
Role: Wife
Represented By: Across the Board Talent (ATB Talent)
Casting Director: Gabrielle Schary
Additional Notes: Congratulations to Aubrey Manning for her first booking of 2013--a National Commericial and Print Ad!

Booking: RAISING HOPE - Across the Board Talent (ATB Talent)

Booked: RAISING HOPE Episode 321, "Burtmizvah- The Musical"
Role: Saul
Represented By: Across the Board Talent (ATB Talent)
Casting Director: Dava Waite Peaslee
Additional Notes: Paul makes his return to FOX with this major Guest Star role. Mazel Tov from ATB Talent!

Booking: MASTERS OF SEX - 3GManagement/Storm Talent

Booked: MASTERS OF SEX Episode #102
Role: Doctor
Represented By: 3GManagement/Storm Talent
Casting Director: Risa Bramon Garcia
Additional Notes: Congrats Will on this booking. William is a wonderful young actor, seen on "Men Of a Certain Age" Guest Star, "Sons Of Anarchy" and "FlashForward" GREAT WITH COMEDY AND DRAMA. He makes very real and wonderful choices. Great depth and large emotional range to draw from. Truly a talent to keep your eyes on.

Booking: DEADTIME STORIES - 3GManagement

Booked: DEADTIME STORIES (Ghost Knight)
Role: Lord Umberland
Represented By: 3GManagement
Casting Director: Iris Hampton
Additional Notes: We want to congratulate Robert on this booking. Robert is very strong actor with great resume. Starred in many MOW's. Guest Star on many projects and has a huge range to draw from. Series regular on a many shows. Excellent comic talent who makes very real yet very funny choices. An old pro in comedy with awesome comic chops. Also a very fine dramatic talent with great strengths and power. Always the "go to guy" for either comedy or drama.

Booking: AMEX - 3GManagement/Screen Artists Agency

Booked: AMEX
Role: Young Girl
Represented By: 3GManagement/Screen Artists Agency
Casting Director: Skirts Casting
Additional Notes: We are so happy for Rachel for her booking. WOW second one in a row. Rachel is truly a wonderful actress, great with taking directions and listening Really bring dialog to life. Excellent young talent. Strong emotional range.

Booking: HUNTINGTON BANK - 3GManagement

Role: Banker
Represented By: 3GManagement
Casting Director: Kathy Knowles Casting
Additional Notes: Congrats Nancy on the booking! Nancy is an excellent actress with great depth and wonderful emotional range. Awesome drama choices. Truly can bring life to any role with great strengths and vulnerabilities. Just seen on Criminal Minds. Soon to be seen on Castle. She has lots of power and style.

Booking: SOUTHLAND - Vesta Talent Agency

Bruce Beatty
Booked: SOUTHLAND Episode #6 "Bleed Out"
Role: McCabe, IA
Represented By: Vesta Talent Agency
Additional Notes: The formidable Bruce Beatty will be on set in at least one episode as an Internal Affairs cop McCabe on SOUTHLAND's episode "Bleed Out". Bruce, a highly regarded veteran actor seen in such features as THE NEGOTIATOR, FALLING DOWN, COLORS, DUNSTON CHECKS IN and, episodics and tv films such as ER, GREY'S ANATOMY, SOUL OF THE GAME, NYPD BLUE, and treading the boards from The Mark Taper Forum to The Public Theatre. Bruce is also appearing in some hilarious nationals for Wall-Mart and Ford. An accomplished chef and T'ai Chi master, does his talent know no limits?

Booking: FOSTER FARMS - OneWorld Model & Talent

Role: Clubgoer
Represented By: OneWorld Model & Talent
Casting Director: Jane Doe Casting

Booking: THE FIRST FAMILY - Treadwell Entertainment / Osbrink Talent Agency

Booked: THE FIRST FAMILY Episode #113 "The First Tutor"
Role: Brad
Represented By: Treadwell Entertainment / Osbrink Talent Agency
Casting Director: Lisa London/Catherine Stroud
Additional Notes: Tajh Bellow is an incredibly talented actor who just booked THE FIRST FAMILY, THE MIDDLE and PHYS ED back to back. He has gone to producers for almost every project for which he auditions. Booked a recurring role in the pilot "Save Me" and went to producers for Ant Farm. Extremely athetic. Tennis, Skateboarding. Plays piano.SAG Member. Also an accomplished singer/songwriter and rapper.