Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Booking: GO ON - Rectangle Entertainment and Gen Kiyooka/Affinity Artists Agency

Booked: GO ON Episode #111
Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment and Gen Kiyooka/Affinity Artists Agency
Casting Director: Susie Farris
Additional Notes: Fernando has been called a young Latino Paul Rudd or Justin Long. He's been booking one role after another! He's recently done roles on SUBURGATORY, NEW GIRL, SOUTHLAND, and SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER. More at: www.fernandoriveraonline.com

Booking: SCANDAL - Rectangle Entertainment and Gen Kiyooka/Affinity Artists Agency

Booked: SCANDAL Episode #208
Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment and Gen Kiyooka/Affinity Artists Agency
Casting Director: Linda Lowy & Will Stewart
Additional Notes: Jason is a strong actor, skilled in both comedy and drama. He recently appeared on 90210 and CASTLE. He has a recurring role on HOW TO ROCK, playing as a beefy mall cop. Very funny scenes! He's also got an impressive dramatic reel and feature film credits including REALITE, THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS and DRUMLINE.

Booking: SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER - Rectangle Entertainment

Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment
Casting Director: Peter Pappas
Additional Notes: Robert originated the role of Luther in Chicago's acclaimed Steppenwolf Theatre's production of SUPERIOR DONUTS, both in Chicago and on Broadway. Last year he performed at San Diego's OLD GLOBE theatre, playing Steve Heidebrecht in the Pulitzer Prize winning AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY. Robert has guest starred in such varying roles as a maintenance man (on CSI: NY), a strict father (on COLD CASE), an upset husband (McBRIDE), and a sleazy lawyer (THE GUARDIAN). Recent film credits include TENTACLE 8, JESUS IS BACK, and SNATCHED.

Booking: CARESS CARPETS BY SHAW - Acuity Ent. Mgmt.

Role: Lead
Represented By: Acuity Ent. Mgmt.
Casting Director: Big Picture Casting
Twitter: @lukeadonaldson
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AcuityEM

Sharon Bialy Q&A -- Casting Director of THE WALKING DEAD and BREAKING BAD

Very pleased to bring Kabookit readers a Q&A with casting director Sharon Bialy. Sharon casts AMC's "Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad" -- the latter is up for the SAG Awards 'Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series'. Sharon is also a recently published author. Her new book "How to Audition on Camera" is must read for any actor (and a brilliant GIFT idea)! Available on Kindle, iTunes, and Nook!

Follow Sharon on Twitter: @SharonBialy.

You are currently casting the pilot for “Under the Dome,” what is that process?

Sharon: The process begins with the script, breaking down the characters and discussing the main roles with the creators of the show. We begin with lists of actors we know and think are right, including "name" actors, then release a breakdown, and then get innundated with calls and submissions, go through ALL of the breakdown and begin to set up days and days of actors to read and schedule callbacks for the producers. On a big pilot like Under the Dome, we try to concentrate on three - four roles and then move into the next three to four roles. That process takes a while and we try to get in the room with a lot of actors and not spend all day on the phone . The process changes constantly as we get feedback from our producers on tone and type.

Is it easier to cast a show such as “Breaking Bad” once you’ve gotten past the first season?

Sharon: It' is much easier to cast a show after the first season because if it's a respected show, such as Breaking Bad, actors want to be a part of it, without regard to the small budget the show operates under. You also really get in a groove with the show runner and the writers and producers so you understand their aesthetic and they trust yours and allow you to take chances on actors that no one has every seen or heard of.

Do you use regional casting directors when doing regional projects such as “The Walking Dead?”

Sharon: Yes, we use regional casting directors. On The Walking Dead we work with the Fincannons (mostly Lisa Mae) and they are fantastic. We talk often, watch all their tapes, and they have a great eye for talent and have contributed greatly to the show (actors like Iron E. Singleton and Melissa McBride are all from the area- and started out as guest stars and became series regulars).

Is there one actor in particular that you are proud to have discovered?

Sharon: There are many. And I don't believe that we "discover" actors if they already have an agent and a manager. We provide an opportunity and when we believe in an actor we fight for them.

What is your favorite part of casting?

Sharon: My favorite part is being in the room, working with and directing actors. My other favorite part is when you call the agent or actor to tell them they got the part in a series. We all woop and holler and sometimes we "do a little dance". Everyone has worked so hard... it's a good thing to celebrate getting a job in this town.

What one tip would you give an up and coming actor?

Sharon: Do something else. Unless you just can't. Then remember to enjoy the process and not just look to the outcome. It's the journey that counts.

Booking: SAMSUNG - LB Talent and Meridiant Talent

Booked: Samsung
Role: British Guy
Represented By: LB Talent and Meridiant Talent
Casting Director: Yumi Takada

Booking: ARROW - Brad Mellesmoen

Booked: ARROW Episode #115 "Team-Ups"
Role: Pretty Girl
Represented By: Brad Mellesmoen
Casting Director: Coreen Mayrs & Heike Brandstatter
Additional Notes: This is Tatyana's first role in a network television show, congratulations!