Friday, December 14, 2012

Booking: AT&T - Colette-CP Talent Management

Booked: AT&T (National Network Commercial)
Role: girl
Represented By: Colette-CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Envision

Booking: NORDSTROMS - Colette-CP Talent Management

Kate Chieco
Role: Girl
Represented By: Colette-CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Splashlight

Booking: RIVERS 9 - Whitaker Entertainment/Angel City Talent

Booked: RIVERS 9
Represented By: Whitaker Entertainment/Angel City Talent
Casting Director: Direct Offer -- No casting director
Additional Notes: Jimmy was offered the role from the director as soon as Jimmy met with the Director Chris W. Freeman. Jimmy is now attached to Star in his next 3 films. RIVERS 9 Stars Jamie Kennedy, C. Thomas Howell, and another Whitaker Entertainment client Ed o'Ross.

Booking: THE NEW NORMAL - 3GManagement

Booked: THE NEW NORMAL Episode #113 "Stay at Home Dad"
Represented By: 3GManagement
Casting Director: Susie Farris
Additional Notes: Wonderful and well trained actress with very large range of emotions to draw from. Great with both comedy and drama and makes them both very real. Just seen on iCarly. Awesome Improv talent who has been with UCB and The Groundlings Very gifted comic talent. Has a lot of style and class. Wonderful and unique voice making her that much more special.

Booking: CASTLE - 3GManagement/Media Artist Group

Booked: CASTLE
Role: Colette Robinson
Represented By: 3GManagement/Media Artist Group
Casting Director: Donna Rosenstein/Kendra Castleberry
Additional Notes: An excellent actress with great depth and wonderful emotional range. Awesome drama choices. Truly can bring life to any role with great strengths and vulnerabilities. Just seen on Criminal Minds. She has lots of power and style. As strong as Nancy is with drama she also has wonderful comic skills making her an all around talent.

Booking: RIVERS - 3GManagement/Aqua Talent

Booked: RIVERS
Role: Cynthia
Represented By: 3GManagement/Aqua Talent
Casting Director: Emily Bozek
Additional Notes: Truly a wonderful character actress, seen on "Desperate Housewives" and has had many recurring roles. Very stylish and charming. Great with both comedy and drama and has a huge emotional range to play with. So very well trained and has awesome abilities. Makes excellent choices and can show both strengths and vulnerabilities. Just seen on 90210 and The Young and The Restless as Agnes Sorenson. Just coming off a hit show "Three Views of the Same Object" where she got excellent reviews. Strong Stage Talent.

Booking: THE BIBLE EXPERIENCE - 3GManagement/William Kerwin Agency

Role: Solomon
Represented By: 3GManagement/William Kerwin Agency
Casting Director: Frazier/Ward
Additional Notes: Wonderful character actress with a lot of depth. Awesome talent and makes great choices. Feature role in "The Passenger Side". Truly can be both very intense and very edgy. Great dramatic skills and abilities. That coupled with outstanding comic timing and skills, Vitta is an all around wonderful artist. Excellent talent with large emotional range to draw from. Gifted vocal power give her great strengths in Voice Over work as well.

Booking: ELEMENTARY - Green Key Management and The Oscard Agency

Philip Hernandez
Booked: ELEMENTARY Episode #112 "The Red Team"
Role: Carlo
Represented By: Green Key Management and The Oscard Agency
Casting Director: Mark Saks
Additional Notes: Broadway (Multiple Leads) Veteran. Shooting "Elementary" and appeared on "Made In Jersey." The only actor in Broadway history to play both lead roles in "Les Miz," including original cast lead in "The Capeman," and "Kiss of the Spider Woman." The voice and face of CAMACHO CIGARS' "Cigar Genius."

Booking: THE MIDDLE - Treadwell Entertainment / Osbrink Talent Agency

Role: Evan
Represented By: Treadwell Entertainment / Osbrink Talent Agency
Casting Director: G. Charles Wright
Additional Notes: Tajh Bellow is 17 years old and is an incredibly talented actor who just booked THE MIDDLE and PHYS ED back to back. He has gone to producers for almost every project for which he auditions. Booked a recurring role in the pilot "Save Me" and went to producers for Ant Farm. Extremely athetic. Tennis, Skateboarding. Plays piano.SAG Member. Also an accomplished singer/songwriter and rapper.