Friday, July 27, 2012

Booking: Caught Red Handed - Mod Media Professional Talent

Joe Mele
Booked: Caught Red Handed
Role: Red Handed Shop Lifter
Repped By: Mod Media Professional Talent
Casting Director: Jordan Wiles & Samantha Banuelos
Additional Notes: Character actor, Joe Mele can be so convincingly slimy, sleazy, crooked and greasy, you may want to turn him in, but please don't!

Booking: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Vesta Talent Agency

Booked: CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Episode #1302, "Code Blue Plate Special"
Role: Elderly woman co-star
Repped By: Vesta Talent Agency
Casting Director: UDK - CAROL KRITZER
Additional Notes: Ann is currently entering her second season as series regular for BETTY WHITE'S OFF THEIR ROCKERS. The matriarch of an amazingly talented family; Ann's husband is award winning writer Jerry Segal; their son is director/actor/musician/author Robby Benson and daughter is fashion designer Shelli Segal (Laundry).

Booking: NCIS: Los Angeles - Stage 9 Talent

Booked: NCIS: LOS ANGELES Episode #403-75 "The Fifth Man"
Role: Old Retiree
Repped By: Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Susan Bluestein

New Signing: Gigi Garner Management

Gigi Garner Management is proud to introduce her newest client, veteran Actor Michael Harding. Ha rding’s credits include Lead, Guest Star and Supporting roles in TV shows such as: “Justified,” “Criminal Minds,”, "The Young And The Restless", "Army Wives", "One Tree Hill", "Dawson's Creek", etc… And in films such as: DEAR JOHN, SECRETARIAT, THE 5TH QUARTER, CABIN FEVER, DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTER BOYS, SUPER MARIO BROTHER, RADIOLAND MURDERS, , etc…

Booking: Dora the Explorer - CP Talent Management

Aiden Medina
Booked: Dora the Explorer
Role: Purgy
Repped By: Colette-CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Hyperbolic

Booking: Celebrity Ghost Stories - CP Talent Management

Tyler Rossell
Booked: Celebrity Ghost Stories
Role: school kid
Repped By: Colette-CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Lesley Mallgrave

Booking: Minotaur - Allen + O'Leary Management

Nancy Sexton
Booked: Minotaur
Role: Bodyguard
Repped By: allen + o'leary management
Casting Director: Sarah Baker