Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Booking: TNT - VOLVO - A & R Management and BBR

Booked: TNT - VOLVO
Role: HOST
Represented By: A & R Management and BBR
Casting Director: Danielle Eskinazi Casting
Additional Notes: Bobby Marchesso is a wonderful Host and Actor. Bobby also has a passion for helping others. He uses his abilities as a psychic and medium to provide guidance, healing and inspiration to people every day. To learn more about Bobby www.bobbymarchesso.com Congrats Bobby!!!

Booking: H-E-B GROCERY STORE - A & R Management

ysa penarejo
Role: Principal "Dancer"
Represented By: A & R Management
Casting Director: Dan Cowan
Additional Notes: Ysa Penarejo is a multi-talented tween who most recently was cast as a series regular for the Fox pilot "Prodigy Bully". Also look out for Ysa as a supporting lead in the new American Girl move "McKenna Shoot's for the Stars" which will be airing on NBC in July leading into the summer Olympics. Additionally, Ysa is excited about dropping her first pop single this summer titled "Like I Love You". When she is not acting or singing you will find Ysa at dance competitions. To learn more about Ysa please go to www.ysapenarejo.com

Booking: AMERICA'S MOST WANTED - A & R Management

Booked: AMERICA'S MOST WANTED (Mena/Nebeker Episode)
Role: Lucinda - Principal
Represented By: A & R Management
Casting Director: Billy DaMota
Additional Notes: To learn more about Jade please go to www.jadepuga.com Congrats Jade!!

Booking: CHAVEZ - A & R Management

Booked: CHAVEZ
Represented By: A & R Management
Casting Director: Heidi Levitt
Additional Notes: Joe Gandurski is the real deal he worked in Law enforcement/FBI his whole life. If you need a FBI guy or Cop Joe is the guy to call. Congrats to you Joe!!!