Friday, May 4, 2012

Booking: Vignettes - 90210 Talent

Joseph Andrades
Role: Vignettes
Represented By: 90210 Talent
Casting Director: Maryclaire Sweeters
Additional Notes: Commercials for the new series from Ron Howard and the creators of The Amazing Race, "The Great Escape" have begun airing on TNT. We could not be more proud of Xango Henry!! Everyone who knows the big bear of a man absolutely adores him. We wish nothing but success for Xango in all that he does. Casting Director: Paul Gordon & Neal Konstantini / Casting Producer: Rane Laymance

Bookings: Coffin Baby - 90210 Talent

Congrats to 90210 Talent on three of their actors booking roles in the movie "Coffin Baby." The film revolves around an elusive serial killer and stars Brian Krause, Bruce Dern, Chauntal Lewis and Clifton Powell Jr.

Mychal Thompson
Role: Rodney

Chance Harlem Jr.
Role: Travis

Holmes Lindsay IV
Role: Luther

Booking: Major Crimes - 90210 Talent

Amin Joseph
Booked: Major Crimes
Represented By: 90210 Talent
Casting Director: Bruce H Newberg, Ani Avetyan and Brent Hagata
Additional Notes: Stay tuned for Amin's next update. Something HUGE is in the mix

Booking: The 117 - 90210 Talent

Sepideh Haftgoli
Booked: The 117
Role: Middle Eastern Mother
Represented By: 90210 Talent
Casting Director: Tamara Hunter
Additional Notes: Ambiguous beauty Sepideh Haftgoli knocks one out of the park for 90210 Talent by booking the role of a Middle Eastern mother in "The 117". The new webseries was cast by Tamara Hunter (The Avengers, Safe House) and is directed by Robert Glickert. No wonder that Sepideh's first home run would be under such a great director. She comes to us under the tutelage of Directors Gil Junger (10 Things I Hate About You) and Paul Currie (One Perfect Day). We know there will be much more to come from this talented lady.

Booking: Leading Ladies - Lisa Berman, Berman/Sacks Talent Agency

Daniel Lench
Booked: Equity Production of Leading Ladies at I.C.T.
Role: Reverend Duncan Wooley
Represented By: Lisa Berman, Berman/Sacks Talent Agency
Casting Director: The Amazing Michael Donovan
Additional Notes: Daniel Lench is a tremendous talent. Just finished a starring role in Treading Water and has worked for Directors Mike Nichols, Jerry Zucker and done several nationals for Commercial Director Joe Pytka, just to name a few. A producer called me from set of the feature film Sticky and told me that Daniel was so funny, half of his crew fell on the floor laughing during Daniel's scene (where he was also coincidentally playing a Reverend). Those are calls an Agent LOVES TO GET. Daniel's show at Long Beach should ROCK! MEET YOU ALL THERE!

Booking: QUIZNOS NATIONAL COMMECIAL - A & R Management and Susan Nathe

Role: Principle
Represented By: A & R Management and; Susan Nathe
Casting Director: Dan Cowan (Broad-Cast)
Additional Notes: Congrats Roger!!!!

Booking: BACARDI - American Media Artists

Role: Suave guy with tatoos
Represented By: American Media Artists
Casting Director: Kris Nicolau- Skirts

Booking: WORLD OF WARCRAFT - A & R Management

Role: Tiger Monk / Gao-Ran
Represented By: A & R Management
Casting Director: Andrea Toyias
Additional Notes: Congrats Ray!!!!

Booking: America's Most Wanted - A & R Management

Ray Chang
Booked: America's Most Wanted
Role: Principle
Represented By: A & R Management
Casting Director: Billy DaMota, Dea Vise
Additional Notes: Congrats Ray!!!


Here is another segment of Success Stories, the column devoted to the triumphs of our hardworking actors. This month we highlight, KARINA BONNEFIL. Karina Bonnefil is a multifaceted, natural actress. She first caught the acting bug after leaving her home country of Haiti to attend middle school in the state of Kansas, where she perfected her American accent, adding it to the list of other dialects (Hatian, Jamaican, Southern American) in her repertoire. Karina's resume has several credits including her breakthrough in the 2007 comedy hit, BACHELOR PARTY 2, as well as a recurring role on CBS' AS THE WORLD TURNS and a co-starring role in the short film, LALO, which won "best short film" at the HBO NY International Latino Film Festival. Karina recently made the big move from New York to Los Angeles, booking an Aftra Pilot Live presentation for writer/director Luisa Leschin's new comedy, ESCORTS, the day after she arrived! She has found that one of the most thrilling parts of being an actress is in the truth of story telling. She cherishes the journey she takes while getting to know and eventually embodying each character she plays. Though she is often praised for her comedic talents, Karina has a vast array of performance skills that the world has yet to see. As she continues to enlarge her territory, she aims to be in the business for years to come. She loves this craft.

Booking: BIC FLAME DISK - CP Talent Management

Role: Son
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Kathleen Vissichelli

Booking: TWIX COMMERCIAL - Leading Role Agency Ltd

Role: Young Guy American'
Represented By: Leading Role Agency Ltd
Casting Director: Hannah Birkett (UK)
Additional Notes: Andrew is a great actor! Check out his profile on the agency's website as well our other clients...

Booking: HARRY'S LAW - Lymberopoulos, Inc.

Booked: HARRY'S LAW Episode 22 "TBD"
Represented By: Lymberopoulos, Inc.
Casting Director: Nikki Valko/ Ken Miller

Booking: CAMP - Lymberopoulos, Inc.

Booked: CAMP (Feature Film)
Role: Bryce
Represented By: Lymberopoulos, Inc.
Casting Director: Pemrick/Fronk
Additional Notes: Hot young up and coming actor! Lead in A CHRISTMAS WEDDING TAIL. Guested on CRIMINAL MINDS and BUCKET AND SKINNER.