Thursday, April 5, 2012

LA Comedy Fest Screening: 10 TERRORISTS

In this irresistible, high-octane comedy, a LA producer steals from popular Reality TV formats, hiring three judges (an ex-MI6 agent, explosives expert and FARC commander) to seek out the ultimate amateur master-terrorist. In a series of out-of-control challenges and eliminations (even torture), 10TERRORISTS is a parody of the world we “occupy”, and speaks directly into our media-saturated 21st century.
CAST: Kendal Rae, Jackie Diamond, Richard Cawthorne, Sachin Joab, Jasper Bagg, Chris Wallace, Osamah Sami, Matt Hetherington, Veronica Sywak, Ratidzo Mambo, Adam Pierzchalski, Terry Yeboah, Frieda Mckenna, Masa Yamaguchi, Samir Malik, Leah De Niese, Julie Eckersley, Tania Lacy, Aljin Abella,