Monday, February 13, 2012

Booking: VICTORIOUS - Access L.A. Talent Management (Christopher Parker, Hildi Yanez, Managers)

Booked: VICTORIOUS EP #313
Represented By: Access L.A. Talent Management (Christopher Parker, Hildi Yanez, Managers)
Casting Director: KRISHA BULLOCK

Cast List: SUPREMACY - Betty Mae Casting

Project Title: SUPREMACY (Feature Film)
Director: Deon Taylor
Producers: Vincent Cirrincione, Roxanne Avent
Casting Directors: Mary Vernieu and Venus Kanani - Betty Mae Casting
Casting Associate: Brandon Hemmerling

The following roles are booked:

Mr. Walker – Danny Glover
Tully – Joe Anderson
Doreen – Dawn Olivieri
Raymond – Derek Luke
Odessa – Lela Rochon
Anthony – Evan Ross
Jamar – Alex Henderson
Cassie – Robin Bobeau
Miguel – Hemky Madera
Deputy Gerardi – Jenica Bergere
Flint – Ronnie Steadman
Hannity – Dayton Callie

The rest of the roles are still open.

Booking: Eastbound and Down - Maultsby Talent

Arnold Kim
Booked: Eastbound and Down
Role: Supporting
Represented By: Maultsby Talent
Casting Director: Craig Fincannon
Additional Notes: Arnold direct booked this role via Eco-Cast taped audition. He is NYC based but was in Boston helping his mom and taped the audition and loaded it up via Eco-Cast. He booked this role a few days later to be shot in South Carolina. Several of our talent have booked via Eco-Cast taped audition. Eco-Cast is a great tool for our NYC based talent to work all over and not waste travel money on face to face auditions.

Booking: Blue Bloods - Maultsby Talent

Darby Totten
Booked: Blue Bloods
Role: Supporting Role
Represented By: Maultsby Talent
Casting Director: Bowling/Miscia Casting
Additional Notes: Darby also recently booked The 2-2 within about 3 weeks of Blue Bloods. She's auditioning for several projects in the south and a great recurring role on a new pilot.

Booking: Elixir - Maultsby Talent

Mark Tallman
Booked: Elixir
Role: Scott - Supporting Role
Represented By: Maultsby Talent
Casting Director: Donna Belajac Casting

Booking: Single Ladies - Maultsby Talent

Mark Tallman
Booked: Single Ladies
Role: Reggie
Represented By: Maultsby Talent
Casting Director: Billik/Wood Casting
Additional Notes: Mark has been booking quite a few projects lately. He booked this Recurring role via Eco-Cast taped audition. He booked Elixir, a movie for TV through Donna Belajac Casting, via taped audition and Skype interview. He's NYC based and Eco-Cast has allowed Mark and several of our talent to direct book roles outside of NYC without ever having auditioning face to face.

Booking: Madea's Witness Protection - Maultsby Talent

Jeff Joslin
Booked: Madea's Witness Protection
Role: Lucas - Fed Prosecutor
Represented By: Maultsby Talent
Casting Director: Kim Coleman
Additional Notes: Jeff booked this strong Suupporting Role as a Federal Prosecutor, Tyler Perry's boss off a taped audition. He had 6 strong scenes with Tyler Perry and Eugene Levy. Shot Feb 7th in Atlanta, GA. This is the 5th project Jeff has booked off taped audition. Carjacked, Drop Dead Diva and his recurring role as CSM Dennis Devlin on Army Wives.

Booking: Ergo Insurance Group - Across the Board Talent Agency

Sonny King
Booked: Ergo Insurance Group
Role: Construction Worker
Represented By: Across the Board Talent Agency (ATB Talent)
Casting Director: Vicki Goggin

Q&A with DEAD INSIDE Producer and Star

We'd like to thank NEW FILMMAKERS LA for setting up this excellent Q&A on the making/casting process for the standout horror film DEAD INSIDE.


Jennifer Zhang – Writer/Producer

Why do you think that indie horror films have gained so much popularity over the past few years?
First, the unromantic answer: from a producing standpoint – if you have a painfully small budget and can’t afford an A-list star or visual effects at the Michael Bay echelon, it makes a lot of sense for filmmakers to make horror films where – if done well – you can generally achieve maximum impact with practical effects, and where you stand the greatest chance of having a final product with commercial value, since it’ll appeal to the widest audience. Which gets me into the second, more romantic part of my answer, which is that I think the audience for horror films has ballooned in the past few years because of the genre’s primal qualities. Horror films tickle that prey response in so many of us that our biology and evolution have nurtured. Our responses to the things that happen in horror films are visceral: anxiety, fear, sympathy, relief, and since people generally go to movies to feel something, a horror film is the surest way to make that happen. I think that this being truer in recent years is a sign of our times: we’re so inundated with media that a lot of people – especially young audiences who have all the goodies of the internet at their fingertips – are experiencing sensory overload. So it just takes more to get audiences to feel. And they’re more actively seeking out new horror films to satisfy that, so independent horror films get a fighting chance at being discovered. In short, I think independent horror is blowing up because rising supply and demand are in perfect synchronicity.

As a [producer] what drew you to this genre?

Booking: ASSUMED MEMORIES - Landrum Arts LA

Role: Grimaldi
Represented By: Landrum Arts LA

Booking: BLAZE STUDIO PILOT - Landrum Arts

Role: Video Girl
Represented By: Landrum Arts LA
Casting Director: Pamela Azmi-Andrew

Booking: TREME - Landrum Arts LA

Booked: TREME Episode #306
Represented By: LANDRUM ARTS LA
Casting Director: MEAGAN LEWIS CSA

Booking: 90210 - Craig Wyckoff

Booked: 90210 Episode #422
Role: Madison
Represented By: Craig Wyckoff
Casting Director: Lyndsey Baldasare