Friday, December 16, 2011

Booking: Southland - Adam Park/Park Noack Agency

Jerry Ying
Booked: Southland/Season 4/Episode 4--"Identity"
Represented By: Adam Park/Park Noack Agency
Casting Director: John Frank Levey & Melanie Burgess

Booking: HUFF - Adam Park/Park Noack Agency

Randy Blekitas
Booked: HUFF
Represented By: Adam Park/Park Noack Agency
Casting Director: Meg Hairell

Booking: Franklin & Bash - Adam Park/Park Noack Agency

Marcus Choi
Booked: Franklin & Bash/Episode 205--"L'Affaire de la Coeur"
Represented By: Adam Park/Park Noack Agency & David Rhee/Arc Talent Management
Casting Director: Rick Pagano & Debi Manwiller

Booking: Operation Cupcake - Epic Talent Management

Rose Bae
Booked: Operation Cupcake
Role: Hoarsey Woman
Represented By: Epic Talent Management
Casting Director: Penney Perry / Amy Reece
Additional Notes: Rose Bae delighted casting director, Amy Reece, who compared Rose to a "younger Margaret Cho". This funny, talented and intelligent actress is one to watch! Check out more at!

Booking: Chevy Commercial - Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier

Robert Cruz
Booked: Chevy Commercial
Role: Men
Represented By: Epic Talent Management / Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier
Casting Director: Plaster Casting
Additional Notes: Not even one week after Robert Cruz signed on with Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier, he was sent out on a national Chevy commercial audition and BOOKED it! Congrats to Robert and a stellar outing with the fabulous team at AEF!

Signing: ROBERT CRUZ - Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier

Epic Talent Management client ROBERT CRUZ has signed with Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier for commercial representation.   

Booking:3 Billy Goats - The Polygon Group

Eulaysia Rayne
Booked: 3 Billy Goats
Role: N/a
Represented By: The Polygon Group
Casting Director: McBride Casting

Booking: HOUSE - Epic Talent Management

Joseph Falasca
Booked: HOUSE, MD, Episode 8013
Role: Phil
Represented By: Epic Talent Management / Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Amy Lippens
Additional Notes: Check out Joseph Falasca on IMDB at

Booking: WHITNEY - First Class Talent Agency


Matthew Grant Godbey
Booked: WHITNEY, Episode #115 "LANCE"
Role: Patron
Represented By: First Class Talent Agency
Casting Director: Susie Farris
Additional Notes: Great job Matthew! Nice way to end the year!

Booking: THE GAME - Houghton Talent, Inc.

Tommy Kane
Booked: THE GAME
Role: Alexander
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc.
Casting Director: Alpha Tyler

Booking: TEEN WOLF - Houghton Talent, Inc.

Booked: TEEN WOLF Episode #201
Role: Reporter
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc.
Casting Director: George Pierre

Booking: ON WE GO - Houghton Talent, Inc.

Kathryn Dickerson
Booked: ON WE GO (USA Pilot)
Role: Townsperson/Auditioner
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc.
Casting Director: Lisa Mae Fincannon
Additional Notes: Kathryn's FIRST booking - way to go!


Represented By: Rosenberg & Associates + Silverstone Entertainment
Role: Yvette
Release Date: November 2012

Booking: APARTMENT 23 - Rectangle Entertainment

Booked: APARTMENT 23 Episode #112, "A Weekend in the Hamptons…"
Role: LUTHER (recurring guest star)
Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment
Casting Director: Lisa Miller Katz with associate Joseph Wisniewski
Additional Notes: Congratulations to Ray on nine episodes as LUTHER, James Van Der Beek's personal stylist, assistant and confidante. We're looking forward to seeing this new ABC sitcom when it premieres in March. A versatile actor, Ray excels in both comedy and drama. Ray recurred 15 episodes on GREY'S ANATOMY as Ray the Paramedic, including one gripping story line where Ray's ambulance crashed and they were able to rescue him. You can also see Ray in the pilot TOUCH when it premieres on FOX in January.

Booking: CHICKS DIG GAY GUYS - Rectangle Entertainment

Booked: CHICKS DIG GAY GUYS (Feature)
Role: Harrison Chandler
Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment
Casting Director: Adele Jones
Additional Notes: Phillip also plays the role of Freddy in the feature WRONG, which will be screening in the dramatic competition at Sundance.

Booking: TOUCH - Rectangle Entertainment

Booked: TOUCH Episode #102
Role: Waitress
Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment
Casting Director: Jason La Padura /Natalie Hart with Assoc. Kendra Patterson
Additional Notes: Multi-ethnic and gorgeous! Janeline recently played a supporting role in THE ROPES, a new webseries produced by Vin Diesel.

Booking: PUPPY LOVE - Rectangle Entertainment and The Culbertson Group

Role: Shelter Worker #1
Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment and The Culbertson Group
Casting Director: Perry Perry, Amy Reece
Additional Notes: Watch Sheila's recurring role as a teacher on SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER. She also has a recurring Guest Star on MAD MEN as Jeannie Vogel (Pete Campbell's mother-in-law). See her soon in a supporting role in the feature WELCOME TO PEOPLE opposite Michelle Pfeiffer.

Booking: RAISING HOPE - Royalty Rope

Booked: RAISING HOPE Episode 215, "Poking Holes in the Story"
Role: Robert
Represented By: Royalty Rope
Casting Director: Dava Waite
Additional Notes: IGAL BEN YAIR is a very funny and charactery actor from BAD TEACHER. His demo reel:

Booking: ADIDAS - ITA-LA

Booked: ADIDAS
Role: Camera Man
Represented By: ITA-LA
Casting Director: Stuart Stone

Booking: MODERN FAMILY - Stage 9 Talent

Nancy Linari
Booked: MODERN FAMILY #316 Intruders
Role: Patti
Represented By: Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Jeff Greenberg