Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here is another segment of Success Stories, the column devoted to the triumphs of our hardworking actors. This month we have chosen the accomplished artist, Janelle Froehlich. Froehlich studied theatre at the University of Southern California and her sophomore year, added a second major – Broadcast Journalism. After college, Froehlich followed her passion for acting to London and studied theatre at the British American Drama Academy. After returning from London, the actress moved to Los Angeles where she pursued a career in film and television.

Most recently, Froehlich returned from filming THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN Part 2 where she played Yvette (supporting), a bad-girl, sexy, French vampire. She is thrilled to be joining the franchise. She also just finished filming the independent film OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND in which she played Hilary (lead), a young woman battling with mental illness in the face of her family’s attempt to resubmit Hilary to psychiatric care. She appeared as Simone Sanchez on “Hacienda Heights” – a Spanish Soap Opera which aired in Los Angeles on KDOC-TV and San Francisco’s ION Television. She appeared in the independent film “Bad Jew;” on the CW pilot presentation “City Girls”; and hosted The Disney Channel segment “Disney 365.” Stay on the look-out for the launch of the new Webseries “Unintentionally Awesome,” in which Froehlich plays Alexis - the captain of the cheerleading squad, the most popular girl in high school, and, quite frankly, she's evil.

How long have you been on Actors Access (AA) and how did you find out about the service?

Janelle: I have been on Actors Access for the past five years. As a beginning actor in the industry, I learned about the service from actor friends that I studied with at the University of Southern California... who were a few years ahead of me in the business. I thought it was fantastic... that I could “take control,” as you say... and be proactive about my career by submitting for projects that sparked my interest!

What success have you had with AA?

Janelle: I have to laugh... because I could have NEVER imagined the opportunities that Actors Access would provide. Let’s just say... when I was walking the “black carpet” at the “Breaking Dawn” premiere in Los Angeles... I had to keep pinching myself. Thank you, Actors Access. To be a part of the Twilight Franchise... a success beyond what I could have imagined.

Describe your experience working on "Breaking Dawn?"

Janelle: You mean, besides the red contacts? Working on the set of “Breaking Dawn” was a tremendous learning experience. You can work “on set,” and then you can work on one of the biggest sets in Hollywood! For months, I was immersed in the process of film-making... and there are just some things you can’t learn as an actor about the technique of working on a set until you’re thrown into the deep end of the pool... or onto the set of a production of that magnitude. Bill Condon. What can I say? He is a fantastic director, and inspires creativity and collaboration from his actors. As a director, he brings together the perfect blend of precision and creativity. For months, I had the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned actors such as Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning. Watching them work... the truly specific questions they asked... observing the ways that they merged their creativity with the technical demands of the process... it was invaluable. And of course, 40 vampires taking over Baton Rouge, LA? We called it “vamp camp.” We all stayed at the same hotel. Ate together. Played together. Traveled together. We became an ensemble.

What were some of the differences working on "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" as opposed to "Breaking Dawn?"

Janelle: They were both fantastic filming experiences. When working on “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” I had a luxury that isn’t always afforded to actors on set . . . a great deal of time to collaborate with the director and actors to rehearse and shape the work. When working on “Breaking Dawn,” I quickly learned what it meant to work as a team with such a large cast and crew! For months, I was surrounded by and working with seasoned veterans in the field . . . I soaked in everything I could learn from my fellow actors, production team, director and producers.

What do you think the most helpful feature on Actors Access is?

Janelle: As an actor, it can often feel like you’re “waiting” for something to happen . . . that you have all this creative energy, and are “waiting” for a place to put it. Actors Access allows the actor to take a proactive approach to their craft... it gives the actor a place to show up, day after day, and work. It’s our “office hours.”

What advice would you give to your fellow actors?

Janelle: Show up. No matter what. You never know where a project will lead. When you work on a project... chances are, your paths will cross with those people again. That’s the magic of this business. Yes, I know I sound a bit Pollyanna... but I have learned that kindness, hard work, and showing up will take you further than you could ever expect. And never stop “playing.”

How long have you been acting and what made you go into this field?

Janelle: Hmmm... this is a funny story. As a senior in high school, I wanted to take ceramics. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) for me, the ceramics class was full. The administration stuck me in an acting class... I was mortified. Terrified. One week later, I knew that I had fallen in love with acting. As artists, we have the privilege of sharing stories... and in sharing those stories, it is my hope that people will know they are not alone, wherever they are in life. In sharing our experiences, we know that we are not alone. Isolation is shattered. It is the sharing of these cathartic stories that inspires me to continue in this craft.

Booking: STAR WARS "THE OLD REPUBLIC" - The Gasser Group

Joshua Bove
Role: Jedi General
Represented By: The Gasser Group
Casting Director: Liz Lewis Casting

Booking: LOVELACE - True Artists

Shira Vilensky
Booked: LOVELACE (Millennium Films)
Role: TBD
Represented By: True Artists
Casting Director: Barden/Schnee Casting
Additional Notes:

Booking: ARGO - Kingvigor L.L.C. Talent Management and Productions

Booked: ARGO (Feature Film)
Represented By: Kingvigor L.L.C. Talent Management and Productions
Casting Director: Kristan Berona
Additional Notes: Congratulations Robert, now you will be able to show your real military experience and your you know how to deal with weapons since you are a true gulf war veteran and a fantastic actor. Bravo and thank you for booking it. Guido Grimaldi,