Monday, December 12, 2011

Booking: L2 Living - 4HM


Booked: L2 Living
Role: Eevie Bednob
Represented By: 4HM
Casting Director: Paul Harrison
Additional Notes: Currently at UCB where she excels at Sketch and just shot the ANNE COULTER CHRISTMAS SHOW, as Anne Coulter. Great with comedy and a huge dramatic range. On the rise

Booking: Criminal Minds - Global Entertainment

Jackie Jacobson
Booked: Criminal Minds
Role: MacKenzie
Represented By: Origin Talent and Global Entertainment
Casting Director: April Webster/Scott David
Additional Notes: Jackie is on fire right now! Two bookings back to back! Jackie is one of the Hardest working 9 year old girls out there. She is in classes a minimal of 5 times a week...Her desire to learn and grow as an actress is evident by her dedication and determination. "Jackie, we are sooo proud of you and look forward to watching you blossom and succeed!"

Booking: Castle - Henriksen Talent Management

Lorin McCraley
Booked: Castle, episode 414 "The Blue Butterfly"
Role: Westside Wally
Represented By: Henriksen Talent Management, The House of Reps theatrical, Coast to Coast commercial
Casting Director: Donna Rosenstein
Additional Notes: Lorin recently worked on 2 Broke Girls and Raising Hope. He is an extremely versitale actor, rocking it in both comedy and drama. Congratulations Lorin!

Booking: Criminal Minds - Henriksen Talent Management

Tim Martin Gleason
Booked: Criminal Minds. Episode 714 "Closing Time"
Role: Todd
Represented By: Henriksen Talent Management, Coast to Coast- commercial
Casting Director: April Webster/ Scott David
Additional Notes: Tim just shot a guest star on THE CLOSER. He recently worked on GOOD CHRISTIAN BELLES. He is a strong, versatile actor in both comedy and drama. Tim was the Phantom in the National touring production of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Congratulations to Tim!

Booking: America's Most Wanted - Henriksen Talent Management

Catherine Lidstone
Booked: America's Most Wanted "Jose Berruette Episode"
Role: Lennis Hernandez
Represented By: Henriksen Talent Management and Defining Artist. Coast to Coast adult comercial
Casting Director: Billy DaMota
Additional Notes: Catherine recently had a lead role in the ballroom dance feature I LOVE YOUR MOVES. Congratulations to you Cat!

Booking: Chuck E. Cheese - CP Talent Management

Aiden Medina
Booked: Chuck E. Cheese
Role: boy
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: D. Case

Booking: Toyota - Henriksen Talent Management

Bart Braverman
Booked: Toyota - National Network
Role: Ed
Represented By: Henriksen Talent Management and The House of Representatives
Casting Director: Skirts Casting
Additional Notes: Bart is the consummate character actor with a broad range and strong resume with credits in both film and television. Congratulations Bart!

Booking: I Hate My Teenage Daughter - Treadwell Entertainment

Dru Davis
Booked: I Hate My Teenage Daughter Episode 112
Role: Omar
Represented By: Treadwell Entertainment
Casting Director: Zane Pillsbury


The trailer is out!

The following actors booked roles in MIB3!



Booking: AMERICA'S MOST WANTED - Kingvigor L.L.C. Talent Management and Productions

David Bianchi
Booked: AMERICA'S MOST WANTED "John Figueroa Episode"
Role: John Figueroa
Represented By: Kingvigor L.L.C. Talent Management and Productions
Casting Director: Billy DaMota, CSA
Additional Notes: Congratulation David for booking the Lead role in the show, thank you. Guido Grimaldi,