Thursday, December 8, 2011

Booking: CSI - Pacific Talent and Models

Ericka Clevenger
Booked: CSI #1213 "Tressed to Kill"
Role: Hair Transplant Addict Hooker
Represented By: Pacific Talent and Models
Casting Director: Ulrich, Dawson & Kritzer
Additional Notes: A great"Out the box piece that will require some skill!!"....awesome Ericka!!

GOOD JOB, THANKS! - Ep 7 - "Once You Go Livingston-Black"

The latest episode of Ryan Glasgow's GOOD JOB, THANKS!. Guest stars Rick Overton as "Stanley Black", Linda's sleezy Hollywood Director EX-Hubby! Watch Stephanie Jones and a cast of other whak-jobs for your Entertainment Business Guilty Pleasure!


Marc Livingood
Role: The Butler
Represented By: 90210 Talent

Booking: "The 22" - Nouveaux

Evan Yearwood
Booked: "The 22" episode 103 - CBS
Role: Pusher
Represented By: Nouveaux
Casting Director: Julie Tucker / Ross Meyerson

Booking: Comedy Central Pilot-Review - Ellis Talent Group

Jessica Makinson
Booked: Comedy Central Pilot-Review With Forrest MacNeil
Role: Starring role of Suzanne
Represented By: Ellis Talent Group and Howard Entertainment
Casting Director: Rachel Tenner

Booking: How To Rock - First Class Talent Agency

Jason Rowland
Booked: How To Rock, Episode #111
Role: Murray the Magnificent
Represented By: First Class Talent Agency
Casting Director: Bizzy Blondes Casting
Additional Notes: Jason is a little Steve Buscemi, Martin Short, Dustin Hoffman, Nathan Lane, and Paul Giamatti all rolled up into one FUNNY GUY! 20 years of improv and stand-up gigs-actor, singer, dancer, comedian, magician! Dish Network airing now!

Booking: Tufts Healthcare Commercial - Nouveaux

Christopher King Caldwell
Booked: Tufts Healthcare Commercial
Represented By: Nouveaux
Casting Director: Rebecca Yarsin

Booking: Stevie TV - Stage 9 Talent

Delaney Miner
Booked: Stevie TV
Role: Kid #1
Represented By: Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Nancy Nayor

Booking: Chicks Dig Gay Guys - Stage 9 Talent

Seth Burnham
Booked: Chicks Dig Gay Guys
Role: Small Gay Man
Represented By: Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Adele Jones

Booking: Macy's - CP Talent Management

Emily Sorge
Booked: Macy's
Role: baby
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: S. Weaver

Booking: Tonka Trucks - CP Talent Management

Aiden Medina
Booked: Tonka Trucks
Role: lead boy
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Don Case

Booking: UNFORGETTABLE - The Gasser Group

Jason James Dworak
Role: Miles Novak
Represented By: The Gasser Group
Casting Director: Suzanne Ryan
Additional Notes: Jason has only been in NYC for 4 months. He brings a natural charm and innocence, playing from sweet and charming to "stay away from my daughter".