Monday, December 5, 2011

Booking: Adrianas insurance - 4HM

Noel Campos
Booked: Adrianas insurance
Role: Husband
Represented By: 4HM
Casting Director: Raul Dominguez (director)
Additional Notes: Fluent in English and Spanish and TV debut on F/X Critically acclaimed "TERRIERS"

Booking: Barbie Boy - 4HM

William Kidd
Booked: Barbie Boy
Role: George
Represented By: 4HM
Casting Director: Nick Corporon
Additional Notes: Texas Southern Charm and an actor who books

Booking: THE WEDDING BAND - Ad Astra Mgmt

Andrea Savopolos
Role: Cranberry
Represented By: Ad Astra Mgmt
Casting Director: Lisa Miller Katz

Booking: CASTLE - Tony Ferrar/Rogers Orion Talent

Booked: CASTLE Episode #412 "Dial M For Mayor"
Role: Kitty
Represented By: Tony Ferrar/Rogers Orion Talent
Casting Director: Donna Rosenstein

Booking: JUSTIFIED - The Polygon Group

Alfred Rubin Thompson
Booked: JUSTIFIED Episode #306 "When the Guns Come Out"
Role: Jennings
Represented By: The Polygon Group
Casting Director: Cami Patton
Additional Notes: