Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Booking: PARENTHOOD - Ross Grossman

Lejon Stewart
Booked: PARENTHOOD Episode #311, "Missing"
Represented By: Ross Grossman
Casting Director: Cami Patton Casting
Additional Notes: Lejon's credits include Pirates of the Caribbean and Community.

Booking: CASTLE - Ramfam Management

Kristina Geddess
Booked: CASTLE Episode 411, "Ryan's Wedding"
Role: Hot Woman #1
Represented By: Ramfam Management
Casting Director: Donna Rosenstein Casting

Booking: COMEDY CENTRAL "WEAR MILF" - Gen Kiyooka

Lorn-Nicole Robinson
Represented By: Gen Kiyooka
Casting Director: Monique Figueira
Additional Notes: Lorn-Nicole's other comedy credits include TOSH.0 and 1000 WAYS TO DIE.

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Booking: WORK IT

Aalok Mehta
Booked: WORK IT Episode #111 "Masquarade Balls" (ABC)
Role: Dr. Neil Gupta
Represented By: Schiowitz Connor Ankrum Wolf, Inc.
Casting Director: Koczara / Shevchenko

Booking: 90210 - Carol Weiss, Stage 9 Talent

Paul Tigue
Booked: 90210 Episdoe #413
Role: Baby New Year
Represented By: Carol Weiss, Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: David Rapaport


Isabella Cramp
Booked: CSI: MIAMI Episode #1011, "Crowned"
Role: Young Jan
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: Nan Dutton
Additional Notes: She is also working on Y & R this week and has done several other episodics , made for tv movie, and pilot. She gets called back on everything.

Booking: DECODING ANNIE PARKER - Artistic Endeavors and Lewis & Beal Talent

Olivia Keegan
Booked: DECODING ANNIE PARKER (Feature Film)
Role: Young Joan
Represented By: Artistic Endeavors and Lewis & Beal Talent
Casting Director: Venus Kanani

Booking: THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS - Burton Robinson

Mae Aswell
Role: (Drunken) Prisoner
Represented By: Burton Robinson (323) 461-0177
Casting Director: Judy Blye Wilson / Greg Salmon
Additional Notes: Great character/lead -- commanding yet relatable. Physical agility, presence and range. Expert at improvisation and excellent timing. Sketch, stand-up, improv comedy. Writer. Master at accents - domestic and foreign. Can do impressions such as Arianna Huffington, Roseanne, Sarah Palin, and more -- great ear for learning new impressions, and can do virtually any accent, domestic and foreign. FLUENT SPANISH. VO DEMOS: (Scroll to bottom of page) LIST OF CHARACTERS/IMPRESSIONS: Current Project: writes, produces and hosts GOING COMMANDO! Wednesdays at 7pm on or on demand at iTunes:!/id447992367

Booking: DAYS OF OUR LIVES - Ross Stephens Artists & Entertainment

Joel Lambert
Booked: DAYS OF OUR LIVES # 11765
Role: Mike (Principal)
Represented By: Ross Stephens Artists & Entertainment, Manager AND CESD, Commercial Agency
Casting Director: Marnie Saitta
Additional Notes: Joel Lambert is an ex-Navy SEAL who served for 10 years. Originally from Seattle, he was deployed to Kosovo and Afghanistan. Joel trained special operations personnel from Singapore, Thailand, Greece, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, and Estonia. He is heavy weapons trained, Stinger missile systems qualified, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape trained. He climbed Mont Blanc, is a Range Safety Officer, and a Dive Supervisor. He also was a leading BUD/S Instructor, the screening and selection program for Navy SEALs.

Booking: BUDWEISER PRINT - Elzemeyer Talent Agency

Matthew Enos
Booked: Budweiser Print
Role: Supporting
Represented By: Elzemeyer Talent Agency
Casting Director: Kim Swanson
Additional Notes: Matthew has worked on print and commercials through out the Southern region. He is able to travel easily.