Friday, October 14, 2011

Casting Q&A: iCARLY & VicTORIous (Nickelodeon) - Krisha Bullock, CSA

We've got another great Casting Director Q&A. Krisha Bullock, CSA has taken time out of her VERY busy schedule and provided insight into the casting process. Krisha is currently casting Nickelodeon megahits iCARLY and VicTORIous.

VicTORIous & iCARLY:
Created by Dan Schneider

iCarly Stars: Miranda Cosgrove
VicTORIous Stars: Victoria Justice
Casting By: Krisha Bullock, CSA

How many headshots do you see in a given week?

Krisha Bullock: Since everything is electronic now a days, we see thousands of headshots a week.

Casting Directors work long hours. What is a typical work week for you?

Krisha Bullock: It varies from week to week. We get last minute scripts over the weekend, so the first half of the week is long and busy. We have sessions, bookings and paperwork, as well as prepping for the next week's episode. Yes, C.D.'s work long hours.

Can you give us a brief overview of how the casting process goes, for a given episode of something like "iCarly"?

Krisha Bullock: We put out a breakdown; sort through thousands of submissions; schedule sessions (of around 20 actors per role;) put all auditions on tape for Producers; cast off tape and call and book talent. Then our office is in charge of first calls, (call times, etc.) making cast lists and contracts for all our talent.

Being "discovered" is a buzz word many actors use. In your experience, is discovery something that happens on first sight/read, or is it more of a process of getting to know an actor through perhaps multiple auditions and ultimately matching them to a particular role?

Krisha Bullock: Exactly, the latter. Perfectly put. Discovery is a process, sometimes you can get an immediate feeling about someone new, but it still takes time to find the right role/project for them.

Is it harder to cast child actors than it is to cast adult actors?

Krisha Bullock: Not really. As long as the Actors receive proper training and have good representation, it is the same for us.

As "iCarly" and "Victorious" get more popular is it harder or easier to cast the shows?

Krisha Bullock: Easier, Actor's come in with a knowledge of the tone of the show and representatives submit clients with more credits, given the amount of exposure they'll aquire being on one of our shows.

What sort of research should actors do before coming in to read for a role with you?

Krisha Bullock: Watch our show. Understand multi-camera versus single-camera. It's not so much the research as it is the preparation. Understand the material and be fully prepared.

Is there a mistake that you see Actors make time and time again that is easy to fix and/or avoid?

Krisha Bullock: Being unprepared, not taking enough time with the material and not understanding the multi-camera enegery and volume requirements. It all goes back to research. Not being prepared = throwing away your audition. We are very forgiving of many other mistakes. However, unpreparedness is inexcusable and a waste of everyone's time.

Watch iCARLY and VicTORIous: