Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Booking: PARKS AND RECREATION - Beth Steinand Associates

Jeffrey Markle
Role: chance trenlm (Recurring)
Represented By: Beth Steinand Associates
Casting Director: Doriam Frankel

Booking: Christmas Tree Shoppes - CP Talent Management

Aiden Medina
Booked: Christmas Tree Shoppes
Role: boy
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: DigiChrome

Booking: LIFE CHANGERS - Heresun Management

Deborah Rombaut
Booked: Life Changers
Role: Ginger (Sketch comedy actress)
Represented By: Heresun Management
Casting Director: Christiane Gomez/ LCTV for WB
Additional Notes: Deborah is a very talented and dedicated young actress I would like all of you to meet! I am willing to send her in for co-star and guest star spots, although she is a strong enough actress to do much larger roles as well. Please keep her in mind if you ever have any French speaking or singing work as well, since she is fully fluent in French and English and is a classically trained singer. You won't regret calling her in for auditions, she is always very prepared and has lots of experience in film, tv and commercials. Her reel is at: vimeo.com/deborahrombaut THX for your time :-) Joanna de Moyer

Booking: GREY'S ANATOMY - Character Talent and Associates

Anthony Johnson
Booked: GREY'S ANATOMY Episode # #808
Role: transplant surgeon
Represented By: Character Talent and Associates
Casting Director: Linda Lowy

Talent Managers Association 2011 HELLER AWARDS

On October 11, 2011 the Talent Managers Association will host its 10th annual TMA Heller Awards Ceremony at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, Starlight Ballroom, Universal City, California. Over three hundred entertainment industry professionals will be enjoying this evening of celebration.

Talent Managers Association is a non-profit organization. Each year hundreds of Agents, Casting Directors and Talent Managers meet to network with and acknowledge those who have excelled in their respective areas of involvement within the entertainment industry. The TMA Heller Awards are voted on by the membership of the TMA and are awarded in the areas of: Television Casting Director of the Year, Film Casting Director of the Year, Youth and Adult Theatrical Agent of the Year, Youth and Adult Commercial Agent of the Year, Associate Casting Director of the Year, and Talent Manager of the Year.

RESERVATIONS: http://www.talentmanagers.org/TMA2011_reservation.php
Reservations close at midnight October 7th.
Note: This event is NOT for talent. Tickets are only for managers, agents and casting directors.

2011 TMA Heller Awards Nominees

Adult Theatrical Agent: Mike Baldridge (Momentum Literary and Talent Agency), Brianna Barcus (Clear Talent Group), Robert Haas (Innovative Artists), Jay Schachter (Mavrick Artist Agency), Denny Sevier (House of Representatives)

Youth Theatrical Agent: Meredith Fine (Coast to Coast), Jackie Lewis (LB Talent), Cindy Osbrink (Osbrink Agency), Emily Urbani (Osbrink Agency)

Adult Commercial Agent: Neil Kreppel (Commercial Talent Agency), Hugh Leon (Coast to Coast Agency), Nancy Luciano (LB Talent Agency), Angela Strange (Osbrink Agency), David Ziff (CESD)

Youth Commercial Agent: Jeremy Apody (Abrams Artists Agency), Brad Diffley (Mavrick Artist Agency), Jackie Lewis (LB Talent Agency), Dawn Osbrink (Osbrink Agency), Carol Lynn Sher (CESD), Philip Marcus (Clear Talent Group)

Film Casting Director: Deborah Aquila, Tricia Wood (Aquila/Wood Casting), Patrick Baca (Patrick Baca Casting)
Randi Hiller (Randi Hiller Casting), Allison Jones (Allison Jones Casting), Mary Vernieu (Betty Mae Casting)

Television Casting Director: Megan Branman, Dylann Brander (Branman and Brander Casting), Scott David (Scott David Casting), John Levey (John Levey Casting), Wendy O'Brien (Wendy O'Brien Casting), Marisa Ross, Alyson Silverberg (Ross/Silverberg Casting)

Commercial Casting Director: Joe Blake (Joe Blake Casting), Craig Colvin (Craig Colvin Casting), Ross Lacy (Ross Lacy Casting), Francene Selkirk (Francene Selkirk Casting), Sheila Manning (Sheila Manning Casting)

Associate Casting Director: Lyndsey Baldasare (David Rapaport Casting), Arlie Day (Bacharach/O'Neill Casting)
Gina Gallego (Randi Hiller Casting), Sherie Hernandez (Greenstein/Daniel Casting), Jenny Treadwell (Krisha Bullock Casting)

TMA Manager of the Year, awarded to: Paul Trusik, Trusik Talent Management, Inc.

TMA HELLER AWARDS VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: http://www.talentmanagers.org/TMA2011_2011awards.php


- Talent Managers Association - 1328 12th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 - 818.487.5556 - talentmanagers.org

Booking: Air Disaster - 90210 Talent

Dave Vescio
Booked: Air Disaster
Role: Crazy-Eyed Man
Represented By: 90210 Talent
Casting Director: G. Webb

Booking: CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION - Reach for the Stars

Johnathan Decker
Booked: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Episode 1208 "Crime After Crime"
Role: Kevin at 15
Represented By: Reach for the Stars
Casting Director: Uhlrich/Kritzer/Dawson
Additional Notes: Just booked CSI. Jonathan has also filmed the Feature Film "Two Thirteen", the Television Shows "John from Cincinnati" and "I Hate My 30's" amongst other films and television shows. Jonathan played a young Owen Wilson on "I Hate My 30's". Look for more of Jonathan as he is an exceptional up and coming young actor.

Booking: CHUCK - SR Talent Management and Coast to Coast Talent Group

Booked: CHUCK Episode 508, "Chuck versus The Baby"
Role: Molly
Represented By: SR Talent Management and Coast to Coast Talent Group
Casting Director: Patrick Rush

Booking: DUMB GIRLS - Carry Talent & Green Key Management, LLC

Veronika Dash
Booked: DUMB GIRLS (MTV Pilot)
Role: Amber
Represented By: Carry Talent & Green Key Management, LLC
Casting Director: Barbara Fiorentino, Danielle Aufiero, Amber Horn
Additional Notes: www.VeronikaDash.com, www.GreenKeyManagement.com Veronika also recently shot the role of Bridgette in the next Seth Rogan/Justin Long film. They liked what she did so much they wrote a 2nd scene for her on the spot.

Booking: RUNNING IN CIRCLES - Momentum Talent & Green Key Management

Booked: Running In Circles
Role: Serina Roberts
Represented By: Momentum Talent & Green Key Management
Casting Director: Kelley Robins Hicks
Additional Notes: www.tiaraparker.com, www.GreenKeyManagement.com. Recently appeared on "How I Met Your Mother," "Desperate Housewives," "CSI: NY," "Drive" (the film), "Crazy, Stupid, Love," and more.