Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Booking: COMMUNITY - Gen Kiyooka

Booked: COMMUNITY Episode #308
Role: GIRL
Represented By: Gen Kiyooka
Casting Director: Juel Bestrop
Additional Notes: I met Sofia Gonzalez in "the plumbing" at The Groundlings School in a class taught by Phyllis Katz. In addition to her repertoire of original characters and celebrity impressions, she has written/produced some really funny sketch videos. While waiting for Advanced at The Groundlings, she studies comedy at UCB and performs live with her sketch group "The Gym". http://www.sofiamariegonzalez.com/ http://www.gymcomedy.com/

Screening: TommyKnockerz

Funny comedy sketch written and starring: JOHN K FRAZIER

Screening: Everything's Coming Up Ro'ses! - Episode 1 "I'll Drink To That"