Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Booking: - OUT WEST - Judy O Productions & APA

Jonathan Schmock
Booked: OUT WEST
Role: Cookie
Represented By: Judy O Productions & APA
Casting Director: Rebecca Gushin
Additional Notes: Character actor Jonathan Schmock, who just finished shooting two huge guest roles on "The Mentalist" and "CSI: NY" has been cast (straight offer!) in the supporting role of COOKIE, a grizzled, old ranch cook, in the Jim Valley-produced comedy feature, "Out West" written by Maggie Rowe and Anderson Gabrych, directed by Lee Brownstein.

Booking: - Jew - Siona Entertainment - Ron

Max Faugno
Booked: Jew
Role: Bufford
Represented By: Siona Entertainment - Ron
Casting Director: Pixie Monroe

Booking: SKETCH COMEDY SPOOF SERIES - Access L.A. Talent Management

Stevie Johnson
Role: Host
Represented By: Access L.A. Talent Management
Casting Director: Stephen H. Snyder

Booking: TOYS-R-US - CP Talent Management

Tessa Miller
Booked: TOYS-R-US
Role: child
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Mosner

Booking: WATER AND POWER - Alta Entertainment, Inc. & DBA-Fortitude

Role: Smitty
Represented By: Alta Entertainment, Inc. & DBA-Fortitude
Casting Director: Christine Sheaks
Additional Notes: Roger will also be seen in ABDUCTION opposite Taylor Lautner and is currently onscreen in MOOZ-LUM. He recently Guest Starred in the comedy series EAGLEHEART Roger's critically acclaimed solo show JUAN AND JOHN opens October 20th at Los Angeles Theater Center. Industry comps available for Casting Directors - for requests

Booking: HARRY'S LAW - Alta Entertainment, Inc.

James Dumont
Booked: HARRY'S LAW Season 2, Episode 4 ("Queen Of Snark")
Role: Paul Vinson
Represented By: Alta Entertainment, Inc.
Casting Director: Valko/Miller

Booking: CASTLE - Alta Entertainment, Inc.

Booked: CASTLE Episode #406 "Demons"
Role: "Bobby Bavetta"
Represented By: Alta Entertainment, Inc.
Casting Director: Donna Rosenstein

Booking: PAPA - Houghton Talent, Inc. & Chris Roe Management

Michael Beasley
Booked: PAPA (Feature Film)
Role: Coordinator
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc. & Chris Roe Management
Casting Director: London/Stroud

Booking: PAPA - Houghton Talent, Inc.

Sharyn Shields
Booked: PAPA (Feature Film)
Role: Phoebe
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc.
Casting Director: London/Stroud

Booking: REED BETWEEN THE LINES - Houghton Talent, Inc.

Dean Balkwill
Booked: Reed Between The Lines
Role: Mr. Parker
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc.
Casting Director: Shay Bentley-Griffin
Additional Notes: Dean's been with us less than a month and he's already booking - that's how you get started!

Booking: THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST - Houghton Talent, Inc.

Roy McCrerey
Role: Agent Ford
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc.
Casting Director: Tracy Kilpatrick
Additional Notes: Reel:

Booking: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Houghton Talent, Inc.

Onira Tares
Role: Cheerleader
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc.
Casting Director: Marty Keener Cherrix
Additional Notes: Onira is booking everything! She's just coming off a nice role on BET's Let's Stay Together, what's next? Reel:

Booking: COX COMMUNICATIONS - San Gennaro Talent Mgmt and Mavrick Artist's Agency

Veronica Powers
Role: Candidate - 6th Grader - Class President
Represented By: San Gennaro Talent Mgmt and Mavrick Artist's Agency
Casting Director: Emma Nelson Casting
Additional Notes: Super multi talented young actress!!!

Success Story: TARA LYNN BARR

Timing could be better for our latest Success Story feature. Tara Lynn Barr is starring in the Bobcat Goldwait's film GOD BLESS AMERICA which was recently acquired by MAGNOLIA PICTURES and recently screened at the TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL.

TARA LYNNE BARR is a California native. A precocious child and natural performer, she discovered theater at the age of seven - the perfect outlet for her energy and creativity. After performing non-stop in local children’s theater productions, at age nine she informed her parents that she needed an agent so she could move on to film and television work. Now seventeen, Tara’s diverse resume reflects her focus on a lasting career. Her television credits include a dramatic turn on NBC’s Crossing Jordan; a variety of comedic appearances for Disney and Nickelodeon, as well as a stint as the host of Encore Channel’s Fear Fest: 31 Nights of Horror. She has appeared in national and international commercials, has voiced characters for popular video games, and continues to perform on stage whenever time permits. In her biggest role to date, Tara will next star as “Roxy” in Bobcat Goldthwait’s newest dark comedy feature, God Bless America, slated to premiere in 2011.

Breakdown: How long have you been on Actors Access and how did you find out about the service?

TLB: I've been using Actors Access since 2004, so for about 7 years. We
originally learned about Actors Access through my first commercial agent.
Before I was represented theatrically, my Mom would self-submit through AA.

Breakdown: What success have you had with Actors Access?

TLB: A lot actually. My very first booking was through a self-submit on Actors
Access, and I actually found my current theatrical agent through AA. Most
recently, I booked the female lead in Bobcat Goldthwait's newest feature,
God Bless America (GBA).

Breakdown: What was your favorite part of working with Bobcat Goldthwait?

TLB: The family environment on the set. Even though we had an aggressive
shooting schedule, Bobcat was so cool and I always found myself laughing and grinning. I definitely miss everyone.

Breakdown: What do you think the most helpful feature on Actors Access is?

TLB: I don't know...there are quite a few. The Media Bank is really valuable - the
ability to have very specific video and audio clips available to send to
casting is a major plus. We also use CastingAbout. We just
sent out postcards about wrapping GBA, and it was totally easy.

Breakdown: How often do you update your profile?

TLB: Several times a year, on average. It all depends on bookings, new skills,
new training and such. For example, I got firearms training and experience
on GBA, and I'm currently learning to play guitar.

Breakdown: What advice would you give to your fellow actors?

TLB: I guess the best advice I could give to fellow actors is to not take
yourself too seriously, and to be kind to and respectful of everyone. To be
able to do what we love and get paid for it is a rare gift, so just enjoy yourself.

Breakdown: How long have you been acting and what made you go into the field?

TLB: I started acting in children's theater when I had just turned
nearly eleven years. I saw my sister in a stage production and knew that
was what I wanted to do. There was a girl in one of the productions who had
done some commercials, and I told my mom that I wanted to give film and
television a try, as well.

Booking: SISTAAH FRIEND - Jacque Pedersen, All American Rascals Talent Agency

Lynna Yee
Role: Jennifer
Represented By: Jacque Pedersen, All American Rascals Talent Agency
Casting Director: T Smith III
Additional Notes: Lynna is a gifted comedian and your typical All American quirky girl (Margaret Cho type)

Booking: NEIL SIMON'S LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR - Lisa Berman, Berman/Sacks Talent Agency

Daniel Lench
Role: Val
Represented By: Lisa Berman, Berman/Sacks Talent Agency
Casting Director: Michael Ovington
Additional Notes: Neil Simon's Laughter on the 23rd Floor, opens this Friday and runs Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm through Oct. 22d at the Repertory East Playhouse in Newhall. Cool thing is they have a bar and free parking. Should be hiliarious if anyone wants to come and laugh. BSTA Daniel Lench plays the Russian Val! for tickets. I'm catching it opening night this Friday. Dan always ROCKS. Last time he palyed Salieri in Amadeus at this theatre to standing ovations. I CAN'T WAIT!

Booking: UNFORGETTABLE - Davien Littlefield

Frank Harts
Booked: UNFORGETTABLE Episode 105
Role: CSU
Represented By: Davien Littlefield
Casting Director: Claire Traeger

Booking: PARENTHOOD - Judy O Productions

Lou DiMaggio
Booked: PARENTHOOD Episode #306 "Tales From The Luncheonette"
Role: Bob Friedman
Represented By: Judy O Productions
Casting Director: Cami Patton & Jennifer Lare
Additional Notes:, click on Lou's picture to see his pix, resume, reel.