Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Booking: - Eylea - CP Talent Management

Aiden Medina
Booked: Eylea
Role: Boy
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Shadow Casting

Booking: - ALCATRAZ - Brad Mellesmoen

Represented By: Brad Mellesmoen
Casting Director: Corinne Clark & Jennifer Page

Booking: - FRINGE - Brad Mellesmoen

Booked: FRINGE
Represented By: Brad Mellesmoen
Casting Director: Corinne Clark & Jennifer Page
Additional Notes: Look for Natalie in a nice principal scene with Anna Torv in the season premiere of Fringe on September 23 on FOX.

Booking: - ARCTIC AIR - Brad Mellesmoen

Represented By: Brad Mellesmoen
Casting Director: Corinne Clark & Jennifer Page
Additional Notes: Tamara is an up-and-coming First Nations actor who lives in Vancouver and is eligible to work throughout Canada and the United States.

Booking: - Argo - Susan Nathe & Associates

Ali Afshar
Booked: Argo
Role: Supporting
Represented By: Susan Nathe & Associates and Vincente Cirrincione and Associates
Casting Director: Lora Kennedy

Booking: AVON - CP Talent Management

Emily Sorge
Booked: Avon
Role: Baby
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Mosner

Booking: IN THE HEIGHTS TOUR - Blossom Wagner, Stage 9 Talent

Gabe Gonzalez
Booked: In The Heights Tour
Role: Piragua Man (Kevin cover)
Represented By: Blossom Wagner, Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Dave Clemmons

Booking: - The Big Bang Theory - Stage 9 Talent

Katie Leclerc
Role: Emily
Represented By: Agent - Blossom Wagner, Stage 9 Talent ; Manager - Stephanie Moy, Luber Roklin
Casting Director: Valko/Miller Casting
Additional Notes: Katie is a series regular on the ABC family show "Switched At Birth."

Booking: ONE TREE HILL - Monarch Talent Agency

Mindi Kessler
Booked: ONE TREE HILL Episode #905
Role: Doctor
Represented By: Monarch Talent Agency
Casting Director: Fincannon & Associates

Booking: THE HEALER - Monarch Talent Agency

Namiah Potter
Role: Nurse
Represented By: Monarch Talent Agency
Casting Director: Matthew Lessall


TAMIKA PARRISH books lead in National Commercial and lands a co-star role in an upcoming TV movie Guest Starring Eric Roberts by using an online talent self-submission service

(Los Angeles, September 6, 2011) - In six months, Tamika Parrish has taken herself from a co-star on an Internet Web Series to a co-star on Television, thanks to one of Hollywood’s top online self-submission services, Actors Access. Tamika Parrish electronically submitted herself and landed a supporting role in the upcoming B.E.T and Centric TV Movie Burned, starring Yale MFA graduate Bianca Laverne Jones and Guest Starring Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables). Burned was written by Joseph Caston and directed by the award-winning filmmaker Phyllis Bancroft, recipient of B.E.T Network prestigious Lens on Talent award. Tamika Parrish plays the role of Kim, the best friend of a young female veteran who returns home from the Iraq war suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I self-submit to roles online everyday! I’m an actor in Hollywood trying to further my career so I consider self-submissions part of my job. I’m currently without theatrical representation in Hollywood so by submitting myself for roles that I am right for, online, everyday, I increase my chances of being called in by Casting. It’s a must for actors with and without representation.”

The Internet has dramatically transformed how the world does business including the Hollywood Casting process. Before agents used a courier service to deliver actors headshots to casting offices. Now most casting offices use electronic submission services and receive submissions on their computer within seconds. This process has not only helped agents and casting directors but it has also helped to open doors for actors like Tamika Parrish to self-submit to major Film, TV and Commercial roles that they otherwise would not be submitted for without an agent.

Burned caps off a series of online self-submission wins for Tamika Parrish. Earlier this year, the young actress joined forces with Hollywood executive producer Rob A. Johnson and former NBA player Alan Henderson, now writer, in the pilot presentation Deadbeats. Then in summer 2011 Tamika booked a National Commercial for Joe’s Crab Shack via an online self-submission.

“I feel as though actors can create great success for themselves by using online self-submissions services. My career has definitely taken a step in the right direction. I recommend that actors have at least three different headshots linked to their profile and submit to roles EVERDAY. Its worked for me, I’m going to be in a TV movie with Eric Roberts!”

Burned will air on B.E.T October 2, 2011 at 11:00pm EST and on Centric October 8, 2011 at 11:30am EST.

For more information, visit

Booking: RED LOBSTER - Abrams Artists and Serendipity Entertainment

Jada Williams
Role: Girl
Represented By: Abrams Artists and Serendipity Entertainment
Casting Director: Grey Advertising