Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Booking: - GOT MILK? - TAG Talent Management and TGMD

Lance LeGault
Booked: GOT MILK?
Role: Board Head
Represented By: TAG Talent Management and TGMD
Casting Director: Cathi Carlton
Additional Notes: Audition/Contact by TAG Talent Management (TMA): TGMD booked

Booking: - American Horror Story - Artistic Endeavors/BPM Talent

Shauna Case
Booked: American Horror Story
Role: Pirate Girl
Represented By: Artistic Endeavors/BPM Talent
Casting Director: Eric Dawson
Additional Notes: Shauna Case is 13 and a true triple threat with a fantastic voice and excellent dance skills on top of being a very good actress.

Booking: - Cougar Town - Artistic Endeavors/LB Talent

Sawyer Ever
Booked: Cougar Town Ep#301
Role: Stan
Represented By: Artistic Endeavors/LB Talent
Casting Director: Romano/Benner Casting
Additional Notes: Sawyer just turned 5 and just booked this recurring co-star role. He is very easy to work with, up-beat and happy child with great verbal skills and is very focused. He also booked a national Wal-Mart commercial.

Booking: - EAGLEHEART - ValMaur TA

James Wellington
Represented By: ValMaur TA
Casting Director: Dorian Frankel

Booking: - Revenge - Ad Astra Mgmt

Cecelia Specht
Booked: Revenge
Role: Emotional Woman
Represented By: Ad Astra Mgt / Tony Ferrar, Rogers Orion Talent Agency

Booking: - Awake - Stage 9 Talent

Christopher Guyton
Booked: Awake: Episode 101
Role: Jeffrey
Represented By: Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Cami Patton
Additional Notes: A former line-backer who played for Alabama A&M and just did guest star on "Tyler Perry's House Of Payne."

Booking: - Man UP! - Hg Entertainment

Kevin Brief
Booked: Man UP! Episode #105
Role: School Board Head
Represented By: Hg Entertainment
Casting Director: Debby Romano, Brett Benner
Additional Notes: Kevin Brief, WINNER BEST LEAD ACTOR 2011 LA WEEKLY THEATER AWARDS has most recently booked MAN UP! Please check out his profile as a refresher, you will be impressed by his extensive resume. You can also check him out on United States of Tara, Pretty Little Liars, and the feature film Bucky Larson: Born To Be a Star.

Booking: - SweetPea - Berman/Sacks Talent Agency

James McAndrew
Booked: SweetPea
Role: Tracker
Represented By: Lisa Berman, Berman/Sacks Talent Agency
Casting Director: Julia Kim
Additional Notes: And another booking for Mr. McAndrew. This time for the leading role, of course! The role description was asking for: Prototype: younger Viggo Mortensen, Josh Brolin - Yup, that's James. Congrats again James!!!

Booking: - Dirty Dealing - Newman-Thomas Mgmt

Melanie Marden
Booked: Dirty Dealing
Role: Kora
Represented By: Newman-Thomas Mgmt
Casting Director: Julie Goldman & Associates
Additional Notes: Melanie recently produced and starred in the film TIMELESS based on her real life story and will be co-starring opposite Vhing Rhames in the new film MAFIA.

Booking: - Love That Girl - Cheatham, Greene & Co.

Makeda Tene
Booked: Love That Girl
Role: Laquita
Represented By: Cheatham, Greene & Co.
Casting Director: Leah Daniels Butler
Additional Notes: Very talented Actress, Musician (Coloratura Soprano/Piano ), and Writer. Her One-Woman show, "Love in Concert", can be seen on youtube, search Makeda Tene.