Monday, August 22, 2011

Booking: GUYS AND DOLLS - Blossom Wagner, Stage 9 Talent

Billy Tyler
Role: Big Jule
Represented By: Blossom Wagner, Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: James Gruessing

Booking: HIDE - Alta Entertainment, Inc

Booked: HIDE
Role: Ben
Represented By: Alta Entertainment, Inc
Casting Director: Megan Lewis

Booking: TOYS-R-US - CP Talent Management

Tessa Miller
Booked: TOYS-R-US
Role: baby
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Mosner

Booking: AT&T - Susan Nathe & Associates

Marshall Fox
Booked: AT&T
Role: principal
Represented By: susan Nathe & associates
Casting Director: Ryan Bernstein
Additional Notes: National Network

Booking: MOVES - Henriksen Talent Management

Catherine Lidstone
Booked: MOVES (Feature Film)
Role: Lily
Represented By: Henriksen Talent Management
Casting Director: Serena Porter

Booking: HAPPY ENDINGS - Ross Grossman/Gen Kiyooka

Booked: HAPPY ENDINGS Episode #202 "Baby Steps"
Role: Backpacker
Represented By: Ross Grossman/Gen Kiyooka
Casting Director: Susan Vash
Additional Notes: The role of BACKPACKER imagined a scraggly type with a European accent. Ben does four of them. When casting called me to book Ben they asked me if he was an American citizen. I consider this the ultimate compliment for Ben, who speaks fluent American English without a trace of a regional accent (he's from Seattle).

Booking: THE DARK NIGHT RISES - Sharp Talent

Courtney Munch
Booked: The Dark KNight Rises
Role: Security Guard
Represented By: Sharp Talent
Casting Director: John Papsidera

Booking: THE GOD OF ISAAC - Henriksen Talent Management

Adam Korson
Role: Isaac Adams
Represented By: Henriksen Talent Management
Casting Director: Raul Clayton Staggs

Booking: - Henriksen Talent Management

Lorin McCraley
Booked: 2 BROKE GIRLS Episode #104, "And the Rich People Problems"
Role: Man
Represented By: Henriksen Talent Management
Casting Director: Julie Ashton Casting

Booking: LOVE'S CHRISTMAS JOURNEY - 3GManagement

Richard Tyson
Role: Charley
Represented By: 3GManagement
Casting Director: Perry/Reece Casting
Additional Notes: Richard Tyson has been a Movie and TV veteran for many years and just keeps getting better with every new project. With starring roles in such films as Black Hawk Down, There's Something About Mary, Kindergarten Cop, Me, Myself & Irene along with numerous TV Guest Star role. He has had his own series as well. Soon to be seen in the upcoming film The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, his star is only growing bright day by day. Along with acting Richard is also a writer and director.