Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Success Story: RANDY FRATKIN

SUCCESS STORIES: A column devoted to the triumphs of our hardworking actors.

This month we have chosen the accomplished artist, Randy Fratkin. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Randy Fratkin has dreamed of becoming an actor for 25 years. Taking acting classes in the late 1980’s, with renown acting coach, Aaron Speiser (on set acting coach to Will Smith, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Lopez, and Virginia Madsen), and running lines with his brother, Stuart Fratkin, while he was working in film & TV in the 80’s/90’s, Randy however, put acting on the back burner, and focused on more stable employment in the corporate world.

In 2008, Randy had a rare chance to refocus on what direction he wanted to take with his life. With the support of his wife, Karen, Randy made the decision to give acting another serious shot. Returning to Aaron Speiser’s acting studio, Randy started from scratch--- technique, scene study, voice, and improv. In April of 2009, Randy dove in and started auditioning for short and student films. Since May of 2009, Randy Fratkin has appeared in over 25 productions, including the 2009 UCLA Senior Thesis film, “Grand Cru”, starring multi award nominated actress, Hailee Steinfeld of “True Grit”. He can also be seen in multiple commercials for Sprint and the NFL Network, as well as TV shows for the Discovery and Animal Planet networks, and has four indie features slated for release in 2011; "Subtle Persuasions", "The Problem?", "Operation Terror" and "Find Me."