Monday, August 8, 2011

Booking: LET'S ROCK ELMO - WE Management

Role: Roadies
Represented By: WE Management
Casting Director: Dowd/Roman Casting
Additional Notes: The Aussie talent GUY GRUNDY World Champion Body Builder, Ultimate Fighter, Action Hero, Athlete & you may also know him from the memorable Foster's Beer commercials. He is an Amazing actor and athlete. Look forward to seeing much more from him!!
Here's his reel:
WE Management Website:

Booking: GREY'S ANATOMY - Ad Astra Management

Booked: GREY'S ANATOMY Episode #802
Role: Nurse Gloria
Manager: Ad Astra Management
Casting Director: Linda Lowy
Additional Notes: Character now has a name and Kate is recurring as nurse on the show.

Booking: HARRY'S LAW - Ad Astra Management

Booked: HARRY'S LAW Episode 2 "There Will Be Blood"
Role: Det. Stroble
Manager: Ad Astra Management
Agent: Sharon Rose ITA agency for theatrical
Casting Director: Valko / Miller Casting
Additional Notes: Rodney (a strong character actor in both drama and comedy) is now recurring co-star on the show.

Booking: 90210 - Gen Kiyooka

Joy Regullano
Booked: 90210 Episode 404
Role: Bookish Girl
Represented By: Gen Kiyooka
Casting Director: David Rapaport & Lyndsey Baldasare
Additional Notes: This is Joy's second theatrical booking in as many weeks.

Booking: NIGHT DREAM BLUES - Ross Grossman/Gen Kiyooka

Emily C. Chang
Role: Bonnie Yen
Represented By: Ross Grossman/Gen Kiyooka
Casting Director: Frances E. Chang
Additional Notes: "NIGHT DREAM BLUES - sometimes, all you have is where you are. A thrilling motion picture about losing our way & finding our friends." If one examines her past work on Comedy Central, it is clear that Emily can definitely play Asian.

Booking: SUMMER SHORTIES SUMM...AR NOT PLAY FESTIVAL 2011 - Jacque Pedersen, All American Rascals Talent Agency

Holly Hubsher
Booked: Summer Shorties Summ...Ar Not Play Festival 2011
Role: Lisa
Represented By: Jacque Pedersen, All American Rascals Talent Agency
Casting Director: Turtle Shell Productions
Additional Notes: Holly is multi talented young actress based in NYC!

Booking: THE 22 - Noble Talent Management / CESD

Lizzy DeClement
Booked: The 22 #101 (CBS - Produced by Robert De Niro)
Role: Ruby
Represented By: Noble Talent Management / CESD
Casting Director: Julie Tucker/Ross Meyerson

Booking: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D - Talent Connexion and Boutique Talent

Scott A Martin
Booked: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D
Role: Hargrove
Represented By: Talent Connexion and Boutique Talent
Casting Director: Ryan Glorioso and Ferne Cassel
Additional Notes: Scott just booked three weeks on the feature Texas Chainsaw 3D as the character "Hargrove" and just finished up working on the feature "Fire with Fire" having worked opposite Josh Duhamel in the Supporting role of "Kane". Scott is one of the most prepared actors you will ever meet and bringing him in will not be a waste of your time.