Saturday, August 6, 2011

Booking: VIPAKA - Storm Agency

Avery Edward Landry
Booked: Vipaka
Role: Boy
Represented By: Storm Agency
Casting Director: Lindsey Chag
Additional Notes: Congratulations Avery!

Booking: A Gifted Man (CBS) - Brilliant Talent Management & Buchwald

Aaron Bantum
Booked: A Gifted Man (CBS)
Role: Paolo
Represented By: Brilliant Talent Management & Buchwald
Casting Director: Telsey casting
Additional Notes: Aaron has been on fire this year across the board with theatre, tv, film, commercial and voiceover! Watch for him on an upcoming episode of Law & Order SVU: Blood Brothers as well! Local to CT, Aaron works NY with ease and tapes for LA projects!

Booking: Discovery Channel Mini Series - Brilliant Talent Management/GTV

Robert Rossi
Booked: Discovery Channel Mini Series
Role: Billy's son
Represented By: Brilliant Talent Management/GTV
Casting Director: Liz Lewis
Additional Notes: Robert is a true NY kid through and through! Great timing and range, really fun kid who comes from an acting family with 2 younger brothers in the business! Consistent callbacks and fantastic feedback!