Friday, August 5, 2011


Aiden Medina
Role: John John's Son
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Rachel Reiss / Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Additional Notes: Aiden is an aspiring young actor who has an incredible summer filled with bookings. Some of his most recent bookings include V-Tech, At & T, Team Umi Zoom (voice of little fish) & Westin. You can follow his career at:

Booking: CSI: NY - Judy O Productions & APA

Jonathan Schmock
Booked: CSI: NY Episode #803 "Cavallino Rampante"
Role: Arthur
Represented By: Judy O Productions & APA
Casting Director: Jennifer Cooper
Additional Notes: Actor, writer, director, artist, Jonathan Schmock, has booked a great guest star role on "CSI: NY" - most recently he was seen on "TERRIERS." You can see more about Jonathan on his website:, or on

Booking: BUDDY: THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY - Stage 9 Talent

Jayson Elliott
Booked: Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
Role: Big Bopper
Represented By: Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Dave Clemmons

Booking: RIZZOLI & ISLES - Susan Nathe & Associates

Brenda Koo
Booked: Rizzoli & Isles Episode # 212
Role: Miss Sophie
Represented By: Susan Nathe & Associates
Casting Director: Gary Zuckerbord

Booking: RINGER - Susan Nathe & Associates

Andreea Florescu
Booked: Ringer
Role: TBD
Represented By: Susan Nathe & Associates
Casting Director: Shaner/Testa

Booking: WHAT'S WRONG WITH ANGRY? - Acuity Ent. Mgmt. & Element Talent

Kelly Schumann
Booked: What's Wrong With Angry?
Role: Linda
Represented By: Acuity Ent. Mgmt. & Element Talent
Casting Director: Jami Rudofsky
Additional Notes: Went to dir/producers for the lead roles in Drop Dead Diva and Man Stroke Woman. Kelly is one of those actors who genuinely has something special - she's great with drama and comedy. REVIEWS STUPID KIDS "All four actors are breathtaking, smartly attuned without undue youthful tics. Schumann and Spahn… crack us up and break our hearts." –LA Times "An engaging production that featured a brilliant Kelly Schumann as, of course, the outcast girl." –Frontiers, 2008 in Review "…knockout performance of Kelly Schumann…" –Entertainment Today "Schumann, who was so good last year in the Celebration's Beautiful Thing, plays a similar character but has a far better chance to make Kim more multi-faceted than the drugged-out bluecollar London teenager she assayed so well back then." –Entertainment Today "Schumann has a firm handle on the kind of character who starts building her legend before her life has even begun and is a mistress of comic subtlety." –Backstage BEAUTIFUL THING "Schumann offers the show's most complete characterization…Schumann never lets us lose sight of the hurt and need beneath. Her Leah is a heartbreaking, one-of-a-kind portrait of childhood and innocence deferred." –Variety WHAT'S WRONG WITH ANGRY "…his sidekick Linda (played by Schumann with comic sass)…" – Time Out Chicago "Schumann nearly steals every scene she's in." –Wednesday Journal SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS "Kelly Schumann is flinty perfection as Madge, J.J.'s seen-it-all-but-stands-by-him-anyway Gal Friday." –Chicago Tribune HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA "Kelly Schumann energetically portrays the crippled and jealous sister Martirio." – NOMINATED FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS JEFF CITATION FOR WHAT'S WRONG WITH ANGRY & RECEIVED BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS JEFF CITATION FOR STEEL MAGNOLIAS