Thursday, August 4, 2011

Booking: HORIZON - Kingvigor L.L.C. Talent Management and Productions

Chris Serafin
Role: Prisoner
Represented By: Kingvigor L.L.C. Talent Management and Productions
Casting Director: Victor Jory
Additional Notes: Chris Serafin AKA "The Last Cowboy Guy in Hollywood" did it again, he book it and I am KABOOKing IT. Thank you Chris keep up the good work. Guido Grimaldi

Booking: NUK BABIES - CP Talent Management

Justin Geghardt
Booked: Nuk Babies
Role: Baby
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Mosner

Emily Sorge
Booked: Nuk Babies
Role: baby
Represented By: CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Mosner

Booking: ROGAINE - Starwil Talent Agency/Crown Talent Mgmnt

Christopher Gross
Booked: Rogaine
Role: self/model in chair "Ask Dr. Leonard" (Principal performer)
Represented By: Starwil Talent Agency/Crown Talent Mgmnt
Casting Director: Gabrielle Schary Casting
Additional Notes: Hello Casting directors and associates, This notice is to inform you of our client "CHRISTOPER GROSS", whom is new to the industry, but a fine actor nonetheless, so if you're looking for another fresh face that's very well rounded, in terms of great acting and performing abilities (albeit, commercially, theatrically, muscically,etc.) then he is your guy, and we encourage you to please add him to your lilst of audition favorites, because there is no doubt that he will make each of you proud, in knowing that he can get the job done. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!!! "CROWN TALENT MANAGEMENT" If you need to contact us on behalf of Mr. Gross, or any other matter, please feel free to call us directly at (818) 915-6313. Respectfully, Mr. Bevis Faversham, mgr

Booking: PARENTHOOD - Studio Talent Group

Erika Ringor
Booked: Parenthood Episode #304 "Clear Skies from Here on Out"
Role: Lunch Lady
Represented By: Studio Talent Group
Casting Director: Cami Patton

Booking: HIJACKED - Talent Trek Agency

David Carr
Booked: Hijacked (Feature Film)
Role: Brennan
Represented By: Talent Trek Agency
Casting Director: Lindsay Chag
Additional Notes: David Carr is one of many professional talent listed with Talent Trek Agency. Having over 30 years experience representing actors and models of all age ranges and ethnicities makes us the longest established agency in TN. See additional talent and credits on our website at

Booking: VIPAKA - Trinity Talent

Selma Pinkard
Booked: Vipaka (Feature Film)
Role: Aunt
Represented By: Trinity Talent
Casting Director: Lindsay Chag
Additional Notes: Selma is a strong actress with many attributes and diversity!

Booking: RISSOLI & ISLES - Lisa Berman, Berman/Sacks Talent Agency

Gavin Perry
Booked: Rissoli & Isles Episode 212
Role: Paul Landford
Represented By: Lisa Berman, Berman/Sacks Talent Agency
Casting Director: Gary Zuckerbrod and Kamala Thomas
Additional Notes: Gavin is an awesome actor and stuntman. Just returned from Mexico City where he filmed a Walmart commercial. Gavin is also the voice of an Old Navy Commercial and was set on fire in Surviving Disasters (he told me afterwards or no he wouldn't!) Had a role in Boys Don't Cry and was an Also Star in Moving August with Josh Holloway. Gavin is a dream come true: Nice, handsome and friggin TALENTED! Woot Go Gavin!

Booking: CHRISTMAS IN L.A. - WE Management

Booked: CHRISTMAS IN L.A. (Feature Film)
Role: Tammy
Represented By: WE Management
Casting Director: Christopher Jones
Additional Notes: Ayden is such an enormous talent. She is also a leader & a role model & contestant in the 2012 Miss California, USA pageant. Ambassador for HEAR the WORLD foundation. Check her out Also, ..always representing the best most professional talent of the utmost quality. Thanks!