Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Booking: TEXAS LOTTERY - Callidus Agency

Amy LeBlanc-Warren
Booked: Texas Lottery
Role: Gift Giver
Represented By: Callidus Agency
Casting Director: John Williams
Additional Notes: John D Kolinofsky Callidus Agency | Sports + Entertainment 1717 McKinney Avenue Suite 700 Dallas, Texas 75202 214.432.6122 (t/f) 214.934.3017 (c)
Website: www.callidusagency.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/callidus.agency
Twitter: www.twitter.com/callidus_agency Amy Warren-LeBlanc @thisisamywarren

Booking: WHAT'S WRONG WITH ANGRY - BoxOffice Entertainment

Role: Simon Hutton
Manager: BoxOffice Entertainment
Agent: Karl Hofheinz at Synergy
Casting Director: Jami Rudofsky

Signing: JULIA FLINT - Box Office Entertainment

New to BoxOffice Entertainment!!

Booking: HART OF DIXIE - Ad Astra Management

Booked: HART OF DIXIE #103
Role: Paramedic
Manager: Ad Astra Mgt
Theatrical Agent: Sharon Rose ITA
Casting Director: Molly Lopata

Booking: CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION - HRI Theatrical - Tanya Kleckner

Brooke Butler
Booked: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Episode #1202, "Tell-Tale Hearts"
Role: Alison
Represented By: HRI Theatrical - Tanya Kleckner
Casting Director: Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer
Additional Notes: Website: www.hritalent.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/hritalent Twitter: @hritalent

Booking: FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL... - Green Key Management, LLC & Carry Talent

Veronika Dash
Booked: For A Good Time, Call.....
Role: Trashy Blond (fka Pretty Blond) (must be great for the ego)
Represented By: Green Key Management, LLC & Carry Talent
Casting Director: Demo/McCarthy
Additional Notes: In LA. Grew up in USA but fluent in Russian, too. She did "Cadillac Records" (with a faux-Southern accent) in a credited, full screen, speaking role opposite Mos Def ("Chuck Berry"). "Onion News" tape very recent. She's got all the proper equipment (natural curves). Naturally cheerful, bright and articulate but can play a snobby, or vapid, blonde.

Booking: PRIME SUSPECT - Character Talent and Associates

Esther Mercado
Booked: Prime Suspect Episode 103
Role: Mary Conway
Represented By: Character Talent and Associates
Casting Director: Linda Lowy


Marcos DeSilvas
Booked: Bank of America
Role: Business Professional
Represented By: TalentINK. LA-NY
Casting Director: Guillen Casting
Additional Notes: Marcos just finished shooting a movie for television - WE HAVE YOUR HUSBAND [Jayne's Story] with C.D. Lindsay Chag.

Booking: NIKE FOOTLOCKER - Talentink. LA-NY

Martyn Scott Hale
Role: Athlete in Detention
Represented By: Talentink. LA-NY
Casting Director: House Casting Network
Additional Notes: Over 18 to play younger Martyn passed on a baseball scholarship to come to LA and become an actor...he is now SAG e and someone to keep an eye on...a young Justin Timberlake!

Booking: LITTLE BOY - TalentINK. LA-NY

Americus Abesamis
Booked: Little Boy
Role: Gian Tokyo Joe
Represented By: TalentINK. LA-NY
Casting Director: Carla Hool
Additional Notes: Americus has three national spots running for Toro, Jim Beam and an international Subaru...he is also a Sushi Chef and an internationally ranked Sumo wrestler.