Thursday, July 21, 2011

Booking: SHAMELESS - Actors LA Talent Ageny/BCK Entertainment

Jim Hoffmaster
Booked: Shameless
Role: Kermit
Represented By: Actors LA Talent Ageny/BCK Entertainment
Casting Director: Shamless Casting
Additional Notes: Jim is an amazing Comedic/character actor that has amazing presence on camera. He is being brought back as a recurring guest star on Shameless.

Booking: THE DREW PETERSON STORY - Global Entertainment

Jamie Hagan
Booked: The Drew Peterson Story
Role: Drunk Woman
Represented By: Jana Luker (Agent) & Global Entertainment (Manager)
Casting Director: Donna Rosenstein / Marlo Tide
Additional Notes: Congrats to Jamie Hagan, for shedding her cute stereotype & proving she can go to those lengths of a hard to pull off drunk, deranged, conflicted woman with great depth! Jamie has scenes with the lead of the movie Rob Lowe. She has worked long and hard for a meaty role like this. Good job Jamie!

Booking: EASTBOUND AND DOWN - William Pettit Agency

Bing Putney
Booked: Eastbound And Down Episode #305, "Chapter 18"
Role: Gift Shop Employee
Represented By: William Pettit Agency
Casting Director: Craig Fincannon

Booking: PARENTHOOD - Linda McAlister Talent

Jim Blanchette
Booked: PARENTHOOD Episode #301, "I Don't Want To Do This Without You"
Represented By: Linda McAlister Talent
Casting Director: Cami Patton / Jennifer Lare

Booking: AMERICAN FALLS - The J. Arts Group

Louis Ozawa Changchien
Booked: American Falls
Role: Toru
Represented By: The J. Arts Group
Casting Director: Judy Bowman
Additional Notes: Louis Ozawa Changchien continues to hone his craft alongside A-list talent. Working alongside the talented Vincent D'Onofrio on this production. - Past works include Katheryn Bigelow pilot 'Miraculous Year', opposite Frank Langella in recurring guest lead - Lead in 'Predators' opposite Adrien Brody, Lawrence Fishburne, Alice Bragga, Topher Grace - 'Fair Game' opposite Naomi Watts.

Booking: THE UNBORN - Ballistic Talent

Nora Murrell
Booked: The Unborn
Role: "Jane"
Represented By: Ballistic Talent
Casting Director: Serita Tarlow

Booking: GULLIVER QUINN - Ballistic Talent

Jason Rogel
Booked: GULLIVER QUINN (fka Untitled Jon Heder Pilot)
Role: Mr. Martinson
Represented By:
Casting Director: Jill Anthony Thomas
Casting Assistants: Nickole Doro, Lordan Napoli
Additional Notes: *Jason is also Recurring on "State of Georgia" and the MTV Pilot "Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous"

Booking: VONAGE - 3GManagement and ABA

Booked: vonage
Role: Rocker
Represented By: 3GManagement and ABA
Casting Director: Good People Casting
Additional Notes: Tadamori Yagi is a wonderful up and coming young actor and director. You will be seeing more of this rising young talent.