Monday, July 11, 2011

Booking: MARKIE'S MIND - TDK Talent

Sean Solan
Booked: Markie's Mind (Pilot)
Role: Kevin - Lead
Represented By: TDK Talent
Casting Director: Caroline Choi
Additional Notes: Hot new client with a broad range: multi camera - drama.

Booking: ROBITUSSEN - Louisiana Ward Agency

Judd Lormand
Booked: Robitussen (National Commercial)
Represented By: Louisiana Ward Agency
Casting Director: Anne Massey
Additional Notes:

Booking: FIRE WITH FIRE - Louisiana Ward Agency

Robert Larriviere
Booked: Fire With Fire (Feature Film Starring Josh Duhamel, Bruce Willis, 50 Cent)
Role: WITSEC Marshal
Represented By: Louisiana Ward Agency
Casting Director: Ryan Glorioso

Booking: HEADSHOT - Louisiana Ward Agency

Robert Larriviere
Booked: Headshot (Feature Film Starring Sylvester Stallone)
Represented By: Louisiana Ward Agency
Casting Director: Liz Coulon

Booking: VERIZON FIOS - Brilliant Talent Management & Buchwald

Aaron Bantum
Booked:  (Radio Spot)
Role: Boy
Represented By: Brilliant Talent Management & Buchwald
Casting Director: Pomann Sound
Additional Notes: Aaron is a NY teen who plays slightly younger who has been a terrific booker this year across the board- radio, oncamera commercial, television, film and theatre! He is also a true triple threat talent with incredible vocal skills and excellent dance skills. Based in NY, he does tape for LA projects as needed.

Booking: CRIMINAL MINDS - Brilliant Talent Management & LBT

Monique Green
Booked: Criminal Minds Episode 702, "Proof"
Role: Debbie
Represented By: Brilliant Talent Management & LBT
Casting Director: April Webster & Scott David
Additional Notes: Monique is a great teen! She has been on fire this year with callbacks & holds and bookings! From an industry family, she is new to theatrical but out there consistently bringing it in the room and making it happen! She is also a true triple threat performer with a smooth, soulful voice!

Booking: ROOMS TO GO - J. Pervis Talent Agency

Kya Hawyood
Booked: Rooms to Go (National Commercial)
Role: Principal
Represented By: J. Pervis Talent Agency
Casting Director: Stillwell Casting
Additional Notes: Facebook Pages

Booking: L'OREAL - Michael Wallach Management and GLA

Victory Van Tuyl
Booked: L'Oreal
Role: Daughter of Julianna Margulies
Represented By: Michael Wallach Management and GLA
Casting Director: Amy and Jane Sobo
Additional Notes: This is a national L'OREAL commercial campaign with Julianna Margulies and Victory Van Tuyl (15) as her daughter. Currently, Victory, who just moved to LA from Atlanta, has a guest starring/recurring role (5 shows) on Nickolodeon's "Supah Ninjas".

Booking: CLUE - Treadwell Entertainment

Kendall Fergusen
Booked: CLUE (New series coming soon to Hasbro's HUB Network)
Role: Whitney (Series Regular)
Represented By: Treadwell Entertainment
Casting Director: Junie Lowry Johnson, Libby Goldstein

Booking: BAD KIDS GO TO HELL - The Horne Agency

Ice Mrozek
Booked: Bad Kids Go to Hell (Feature Film)
Role: Mr.Ahmed
Represented By: The Horne Agency
Casting Director: Katrina Cook
Additional Notes: Based on a Bestselling Graphic Novel. Tagline: 'Daddy’s money can’t save them now!'. Genre: Teen Horror Film ~ The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge.

Bad Kids Go To Hell #1 (Bad Kids Go To Hell, Volume 1)

Booking: THE WALKING DEAD - Coastal Talent

Déjà Dee
Booked: THE WALKING DEAD Episode 203
Role: Mom
Represented By: Coastal Talent
Casting Director: Craig Fincannon, CSA
Additional Notes: Coastal Talent congratulates Déjà Dee for booking the role of "Mom" in the AMC series THE WALKING DEAD. Déjà filmed in Atlanta, GA this week.