Friday, June 24, 2011

Booking: ANT FARM - Blossom Wagner, Stage 9 Talent

James Hong
Booked: ANT FARM Episode #115, "cANTonese style cuisine"
Role: Kenny
Represented By: Blossom Wagner, Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Brandi Brice, Dana Gergely

Booking: NICK SWARDSONS PRETEND TIME - Alcus Holly Agency

Nancy Bellany
Booked: Nick Swardsons Pretend Time
Role: African American woman
Represented By: Alcus Holly Agency
Casting Director: Julie Ashton
Additional Notes: Funny,improv, books alot of commercials.

Booking: iCARLY - Daniel Rojo Management

Booked: iCARLY Episode #407-#408, "TBD"
Role: Judge
Represented By: Daniel Rojo Management
Casting Director: Krisha Bullock


Booking: iCARLY Episode #407-#408, "TBD" - Committed Artists Entertainment

Seth Coltan
Booked: iCARLY Episode #407-#408, "iTBD"
Role: Bailiff
Represented By: Committed Artists Entertainment
Casting Director: Krisha Bullock
Additional Notes: Seth is an Amazing talent and wonderful to work with! He brings "The Funny"!

See Seth in THE OFFICE "Happy Hour"

Booking: CONVERSE - Essential Artist Group

Dee Shiver Anthony
Booked: Converse
Role: 80s Basketball Player
Represented By: Essential Artist Group
Casting Director: Michael Fisher
Additional Notes: Also booked a U.S. Military commercial the same week for Harris Sniper (Six Degrees)

Booking: GOGURT - Karen Renna & Associates

Nay Nay Kirby
Booked: Gogurt
Role: Principal
Represented By: Karen Renna & Associates
Casting Director: Joe Blake Casting

Booking: MCDONALDS - COLORS - Karen Renna & Associates

Angela Arimento
Booked: McDonalds - Colors
Role: Principal
Represented By: Karen Renna & Associates
Casting Director: Dan Bell Casting

Booking: SAVE THE DATE - Affinity Artists Agency - Gen Kiyooka

Kristen Riley
Booked: SAVE THE DATE (Feature Film)
Role: Checkout Girl
Represented By: Affinity Artists Agency - Gen Kiyooka
Casting Director: Kerry Barden & Paul Schnee
Additional Notes: Save the Date is Kristen's second theatrical booking this month. Kristen kicked off 2011 with "EX-SEX", which screened in competition at the Sundance Film Festival.

Booking: BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB PSA - Mark Robert Mgmt. & AKA Talent

Kyle Agnew
Role: Urban Soccer Kid
Represented By: Mark Robert Mgmt. & AKA Talent
Casting Director: Lisa Fields
Additional Notes: Directed by Ron Howard.

Booking: K-11 (Feature Film) - Newman-Thomas Mgmt

Ralph Cole Jr.
Booked: K-11 (Feature Film)
Role: Kay Kay
Represented By: Newman-Thomas mgmt
Casting Director: Pam Dixon
Additional Notes: K-11 is being directed by Jules Stewart and has an all star cast. Ralph can currently be seen on stage in the world premier play THE INTERLOPERS and opposite Vivica Fox on BET's LORD ALL MEN CANT BE DOGS.