Monday, June 13, 2011

Booking: SONS OF ANARCHY - Ballistic Talent

Damion Poitier
Booked: SONS OF ANARCHY Ep. 403
Role: "Luther"
Represented By: Ballistic Talent
Casting Director: Wendy O'Brien
Casting Associate: Chris Gehrt

See Damion in JARHEAD directed by Sam Mendes.

Booking: CHEMISTRY (HBO/Cinemax) - Stage 9 Talent

Leah Allers
Booked: Chemistry (HBO/Cinemax)
Role: Casey
Represented By: Stage 9 Talent
Casting Director: Don Pemrick, Dean Fronk

Booking: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL - Denis Hennelly

Dale Waddington
Role: ER Nurse
Represented By: Denis Hennelly
Casting Director: Christy Dooley
Additional Notes: check out her reel on Breakdowns, she is a wonderful actress Dale just shot a hilarious episode of "Kickin' It", playing the emcee, Miss McCrossin.

Booking: KSWISS STRIPER - Pastorini Bosby Talent

Andy Tran
Booked: KSWISS STRIPER (Commercial)
Role: Male Footlocker Striper
Represented By: Pastorini Bosby Talent
Casting Director: Lisa Mae Wells Fincannon

Booking: THE LOT - Xpose

Arif Kinchen
Booked: The Lot
Role: Squeaky
Represented By: Xpose
Casting Director: Mathew Gray
Additional Notes: Excellent Actor! Very strong and a natural with comedy. Has a couple of series regulars under his belt and has true integrity!

Booking: UNTITLED AMERICAN GIRL PROJECT - Karen Renna & Associates

Jade Pettyjohn
Booked: Untitled American Girl Project
Role: Velma
Represented By: Karen Renna & Associates
Casting Director: Liz Lang & Marcia Ross

See Jade in UNITED STATES OF TARA Episode 203 "The Truth Hurts"

Booking: TIME WARNER (National Commercial) - TalentINK. LA-NY

Lawrence Mandley
Booked: Time Warner (National Commercial)
Role: Foreman
Represented By: TalentINK. LA-NY
Casting Director: Ross Lacy Casting
Additional Notes: Series recurring 13+ episodes Zeke & Luther, also recurring on Flash Forward and Seinfeld many guest starring roles...ready for your series regular :-)!

See Lawrence in LOST Ep. 119 "Deus Ex Machina"


Jack Harding
Booked: The Protector Episode #107, "Wings" (Lifetime)
Role: William Doran - guest Star
Represented By: TalentINK. LA-NY
Casting Director: Tamara Billik & Jason Wood

See Jack in TRUE BLOOD Ep. 104 "Escape From Dragon House"

Booking: TD BANK - Fulcher Agency

Stephan B
Booked: TD Bank
Role: Male
Represented By: Fulcher Agency
Casting Director: Hassnain Dattu
Additional Notes:
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Booking: GTAA - Fulcher Agency

Brent B
Booked: GTAA
Role: Business Man
Represented By: Fulcher Agency
Casting Director: Paola Giavedoni
Additional Notes:

Booking: COMFORT BRA - Fulcher Agency

Julia G
Booked: Comfort Bra
Role: SOC Attractive Woman
Represented By: Fulcher Agency
Casting Director: MB Productions
Additional Notes:

Booking: SCOTIABANK - Fulcher Agency

Melanie C
Booked: Scotiabank
Role: Filipino Older Daughter
Represented By: Fulcher Agency
Casting Director: Milo Casting
Additional Notes:

Booking: IIFA SAMSARA - Fulcher Agency

Albina N
Booked: IIFA Samsara
Role: Runway Model
Represented By: Fulcher Agency
Casting Director: YYZ Group
Additional Notes:
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Booking: AMERICAN REUNION (Universal) - Houghton Talent, Inc.

Zane Wind
Booked: American Reunion aka AMERICAN PIE 4 (Universal)
Role: Mitch
Represented By: Houghton Talent, Inc.
Casting Director: Lisa Mae Fincannon
Additional Notes:

American Pie (Unrated)

Booking: 1000 WAYS TO DIE - Heresun Management

Deborah Rombaut
Booked: 1000 Ways to Die (Spike TV)
Role: Clara, lead
Represented By: Heresun Management
Casting Director: Nicole Arbusto
Additional Notes: Deborah is a very talented actress. Great with drama and comedic improv. Special skills include singing, fluent French, accents, swimming, and yoga. Her new demo reel is up at: