Thursday, May 5, 2011


Here is another segment of Success Stories, the column devoted to the triumphs of our hardworking actors. This month we have chosen the accomplished artist Bridget Megan Clark. What’s different about this profile is that Bridget is a child actor (15) so we also interviewed her father, Richard.

Bridget Megan Clark has been working professionally since the age of 9. Prior to her acting career she danced with the Brighton Ballet School of Russian Ballet since the age of 4. Bridget has appeared as a principal/lead in five feature films, including Miramax's "Doubt" as Noreen Horan. She recently played Gina in the unreleased "The Ride of Tom & Valkyrie", by Hungry Samurai LLC. Bridget has also been in ten short films as well, four of those have appeared in 24 film festivals over the last 14 months. On the stage she played both Laurie and Nora Merton in the recent revival of "Brighton Beach Memoirs", as well as many other off Broadway productions. For television she has had principal appearances on “Rescue Me”, “Ugly Betty”, “Michael & Michael Have Issues” and the pilot "Marino's" as a recurring principal. Bridget has had the privilege to work with Meryl Streep, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Fred Willard, David Rasche, Chip Zein, Liz Larsen, Laurie Metcalf, Malcom Gets, Melissa Errico, Concetta Tomei, Joe Grifasi, Mark Indelicato, John Patrick Shanley, Sarit Catz and a host of really really talented people who have all contributed in some way to her becoming the actress she is now. Bridget is next going to try and help produce and act in a feature movie with Evan Buxbaum of Buffalo Run Productions called “La Linea”, about a family helping to smuggle illegal aliens across the border in the trunk of their car.

Breakdown: How long has Bridget been on Actors Access?

Richard: Bridget has been on AA for about 4 years now, either on our own or via her agent through Breakdown Services.

Breakdown: How did you find out about Actors Access?

Richard: I think that everyone finds out about AA the same way, between word of mouth from parents and reading about the industry, you find out it's an indispensable tool in building a resume and finding work.

Breakdown: What success have you had with Actors Access?

Bridget: I've had some big roles from AA. I know my role in the pilot for “Marino’s was from AA. My free trip to Israel to do the RC Cola commercial came from it too. That was really cool! I’ve booked some theater jobs from there too.

Breakdown: How has Eco-Cast been helpful to Bridget’s career?

Richard: Tools like Eco-Cast that allow us to send recorded auditions are very helpful. Being in New York all of the California auditions and opportunities would be lost for Bridget, we certainly aren’t going to travel out there for every audition. It creates an opportunity to audition or pre-read, and then go to L.A. if an opportunity should arise. At the very least it's an opportunity to get Bridget seen by Casting Directors on the West Coast in an audition format with her reel and resume for possible future work.

Breakdown: What do you think the most helpful feature on Actors Access is?

Richard: It’s cost effective and has a number of peripheral units that are very helpful as well. I find as a parent that not only is AA helpful in finding solid Union jobs to submit Bridget for, but things like Showfax allow me to peruse sides of different shows to get an idea of which casting directors cast what kinds of shows. CastingAbout helps in much the same way, it makes it so I don't waste time looking into job opportunities that are on hiatus or finished casting. As a parent, managing a child actor is a job, and given that I have to work other jobs to earn a living any tools like ShowFax, CastingAbout and Actors Access allow me to find ways to maximize my use of limited time and financial resources.

Breakdown: How often do you update Bridget’s profile?

Richard: I update Bridget's profile every time she adds a credit. Her agent uses that for submissions via Breakdown Services so we want the most current information to sell Bridget's abilities and skills available for submission to CD's at all times. Obviously the cast calls are the most valuable asset on Actors Access, but I've also found that several of the articles written have given me information that was useful. The chat boards can be a great source of info as well.

Breakdown: What advice would you give to your fellow parents of child actors on how to find success on Actors Access?

Richard: As a parent/manager, I think every parent should use AA as a key marketing tool. It's a way to email your child’s headshot, resume and reel in an acceptable format to a CD or agent in a very cost effective way. It’s also an important research tool that can help find jobs, save money and maximize revenue. I have found for Bridget to make Actors Access give the best return is to keep her profile current, check for opportunities three times a day, respond to those opportunities immediately and check the message boards and articles 2-3 times a week.

Breakdown: How long have you been acting?

Bridget: I've been acting professionally since I was 9, so about 6 years. Before that I was really into ballet. I started at the Brighton Ballet School of Russian Ballet when I was 3 or 4, before long I was doing solos in featured performances in Brooklyn. It's a great ballet school and the shows would be for a couple of thousand people.

Breakdown: What made you go into acting?

Bridget: An off Broadway theater, the Foundry Theater, was looking for kids who could speak both Russian and English for a play called "KI from Crime". They reached out to the Brighton Ballet since Brighton Beach, Brooklyn is heavily Russian. My ballet teachers recommended me to audition. I ended up getting it and that’s all it took. I love acting, it lets me try to see and feel what other people might be seeing and feeling. It's also given me the chance to work/play with a lot of really talented, fun people. I am grateful for that all the time!

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Booking: SWITCHED AT BIRTH (ABC Family) - Stage 9 Talent / Carol Weiss & Blossom Wagner

Role: Tia
Repped By: Stage 9 Talent / Carol Weiss & Blossom Wagner
Casting Director: Dee Dee Bradley

Booking: PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (Summit Entertainment) - Charlie's Talent Agency

Booked: PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (Summit Entertainment) Starring: Logan Lerman and Emma Watson
Role: Linebacker
Represented By: Charlie's Talent Agency
Casting Director: Mosser Casting
Director/Writer: Stephen Chbosky

Booked: PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (Summit Entertainment)
Role: Nosetackle
Represented By: Charlie's Talent Agency
Casting Director: Mosser Casting
Director/Writer: Stephen Chbosky

Booked: PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (Summit Entertainment)
Role: Tough Junior
Represented By: Charlie's Talent Agency
Casting Director: Mosser Casting
Director/Writer: Stephen Chbosky