Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BSTA Bookings

BSTA Recent Bookings, Agency:  Berman/Sacks Talent Agency - Los Angeles

Anthony Holiday, Project: Better with You, Role:  Lawyer

Anthony Holiday, Project: Rock Barnes (feature), Role:  LaMichael

Anthony Holiday, Project: Perfect Couples, Role:  Handsome Guy

Anthony Holiday, Project:  Hot in Cleveland, Role:  Ben the Bartender (Recurring)

Paul Mabon, Project:  Big Time Rush, Role:  Arrow Dog's Owner

Paul Mabon, Project:  Days of Our Lives, Role:  Foreman

Paul Mabon, Project:  The Cape, Role:  Ark Officer

Hidekun Hah, Project:  God's Country (feature), Role:  Chinese Businessman

Hidekun Hah, Project:  Free Runner, Role:  Brother

Hidekun Hah, Project:  Best Buy National, Role Japanese Host

Ryan Pratton, Project:  McDonalds National, Role: Bobblehead

Tudor Petrut, Project:  Chuck, Role Russian

Tudor Petrut, Project:  Discover Nationals/Industrials/Print/Video, Role:  Peggy

Fredericka Meek, Project:  Dak Tandy (Pilot), Role:  Prostitute

Darwin Harris, Project:  Wizards of Waverly Place, Role:  Announcer

Tate Ammons, Project:  Fandango National, Role:  Chuck VO

Tate Ammons, Project:  Progressive Insurance National, Role:  Motorcycle Rider

Freddy James, Project:  Alltell National, Role: Office Friend

Kendyl McCray, Project:  Wendy's Nationals, Role:  Employee

Alex Duong, Project: 90210, Role: A.D.

Alex Duong, Project:  Death Valley, Role:  D.J.

Daniel Lench, Project:  The Price of Happiness (feature), Role Congressman

Tony Abbate, Project:  Chandra Levy Story (MOW), Role:  Sven

Kate Freund, Project:  Chandra Levy Story (MOW), Role:  Christine

Kate Freund, Project:  Children's Hospital, Role:  Delivery Girl

Gavin Perry, Project:  Old Navy, Role:  Announcer (VO)