Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here is another segment of Success Stories, the column devoted to the triumphs of our hardworking actors. This month we have chosen the accomplished artist Kate Stewart. Kate Stewart of Boston, has performed in venues across the United States with various bands (The K8 Stewart Experience, Love Patrol, The X-OT-X, CIN, The Jim Bellemy Band). They included members of Ray Charles’ Orchestra, Sprirt, Reflex, and The Boxtops.
 In 2006, The K8 Stewart Experience released the EP-CD, “They All Come Back” which was co-produced with Tony Ferguson of A & M Records, and found airplay on jazz stations in the US, Canada and Belgium.

Also that year, Kate had her feature film debut playing Tom Sizemore's wife in the mixed martial arts film, “No Rules”. Her other films include "Ball Don't Lie", "Eugene", "The Wages of Sin is Death" and "Rice Girl". Kate also appears in episodes of Discovery Channel's "Solved" and "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant", commercials for Kellogg's Heart Smart Cereal, Foodsaver Storage Products, HD Sunglasses, and various webisodes.
Breakdown:  How long have you been on Actors Access?
Kate:  Originally, I was hesitant to sign up for Actors Access because you hear so many cautions about being on the lookout for scams.  I was wary of wasting my money, and being "taken".  With that in mind, I initially started submitting about 5 years ago but just on a casual basis and paid for each individual submission.  I was rarely getting called in to audition and decided to write to the company and basically, bluntly ask if it was a scam.  The company representative who got back to me was nicer than I deserved:  He looked through my submissions and explained the importance of submitting to the casting notices when they were fresh.  I was waiting two, three, even four days to submit myself.  By that time the Casting Directors had so many submissions they probably never it looked at mine.  That was eye opening. I had come from the relatively small pool of talent in Boston, to an ocean of talent here in Los Angeles.  Once I started submitting in a timelier manner it made a big difference.  It started working so well that
I changed over to the yearly Showfax subscription 3 years ago.
         Breakdown:  How did you find out about Actors Access?
Kate:  I had heard some other actors talking about it, but until I saw some good things written about it in a trade publication (Backstage West) I didn't check it out.

Breakdown:  What success have you had with Actors Access?
Kate: I have had tons of auditions, and have booked many jobs - both before I was Union, and now that I am in SAG.  I don't have an Agent so having access to breakdowns through Actors Access is an invaluable tool for me.

Breakdown:  What do you think the most helpful feature on Actors Access is?
Kate:  Well, of course getting the breakdowns and being able to self-submit is the most important part of Actors Access.  But I have particularly had great success with the seminars that Breakdown Services sponsors for actors that are on the site.  Being able to get information straight from the source, Casting Directors themselves, has been priceless.  Over the six months - as a direct result of following specific advice I learned during these sessions, I have increased the amount of auditions I get fourfold.  And I am booking lots more too! 
Breakdown:  How often do you update your profile?
Kate:  I update my profile every time I have a new credit to put on my resume.  I think it’s important to keep current.  Also since I am somewhat of a chameleon looks wise - I did several different headshot sessions and have 7 photos posted because the way I do my hair and makeup drastically changes the way I look. It opens me up for a lot of more roles and shows how versatile I can be. 
Breakdown:  What advice would you give to your fellow actors for how to find success on Actors Access?
Kate:  Always submit as soon as you possibly can.  Keep your profile up to date.  Attend the seminars - they are chock full of information.
Breakdown:  How long have you been acting?
Kate:  I started acting in high school and put myself through college on the East Coast with the money I made singing and acting in the theatre and at nightclubs.  I took off 10 years and became a corporate executive but the lure of the stage was just too much - I couldn't ignore it any longer.  I gave up the money, the nice car, and the cushy lifestyle - but it’s worth it.  I'm back to pinching my pennies, spending my days going to auditions and instead of fancy dinners in nice restaurants on an expense account - I'm doing character analysis and memorizing lines at night.  Pure bliss! 
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

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