Friday, March 6, 2015

Booking: NASHVILLE - Advantage Talent Agency

Booked: NASHVILLE Episode #319
Role: Photographer 2
Represented By: Advantage Talent Agency
Casting Director: Fincannon
Additional Notes: Congrats to Tyler booking a role in Nashville through an Ec-Cast audition request. @AdvantageTalent

Booking: CHICAGO P.D. - MVA Management/ Amatruda Benson and Associates

Booked: CHICAGO P.D. Episode #219, "The Three G's"
Role: Eddie Cao (Guest Star)
Represented By: MVA Management/ Amatruda Benson and Associates
Casting Director: Jonathan Strauss/ Jenny Ravitz
Additional Notes: Episode is scheduled to air April 8, 2015. For booking, please contact Marco Vieira at:

Booking: HAND OF GOD - Park Noack Agency

Booked: HAND OF GOD Episode #103--"Contemplating The Body"
Represented By: Park Noack Agency
Casting Director: Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee
Additional Notes: Marcus’ credits include a top of show guest-starring role in CBS' "Hawaii Five-0" as well as supporting roles in the feature film "Bullet" (starring Danny Trejo and Jonathan Banks) as well as stunt and/or motion capture roles in projects such as "Terms and Conditions" (starring Tom Sizemore, Vivica Fox, and Bai Ling) and video games such as "Call off Duty: Ghosts" and "Command and Conquer" (2013). Marcus is represented across the board by Adam Park at Park Noack Agency and is managed with respect to commercials and print by Kaz Kawazoe at Kaz Talent Services.

Booking: THE AMERICANS - The Lisa Lax Agency

Booked: THE AMERICANS Episode #312
Role: Abdul Qader
Represented By: The Lisa Lax Agency
Casting Director: Rori Bergman
Additional Notes: Congrats Mihran! So happy to have you join us!

Booking: NCIS: NEW ORLEANS - The J. Arts Group

Booked: NCIS: NEW ORLEANS Episode #119
Role: Terrence Martel
Represented By: The J. Arts Group
Casting Director: Susan Bluestein & Jason Kennedy
Additional Notes: IN DEMAND ACTOR! Russell Richardson is currently booked as the Guest Lead on NCIS: New Orleans. He just completed a recurring role on Criminal Minds. Worked hard for two years on the biggest selling game of 2014, CALL OF DUTY: Advanced Warfare, opposite Kevin Spacey. Russell has built a fantastic catalog of work and has a great work ethic. Thank you Susan Bluestein and Jason Kennedy for your continued support.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Booking: PROGRESSIVE - A & R Management and Osbrink

Role: Principle performer
Represented By: A & R Management and Osbrink
Casting Director: Shane Casting
Additional Notes: Congrats Riley!!!!! We love seeing you all over TV :) To learn more about this very talented kid please check Riley out on IMDB

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Krista Chandlee Signs with The Jackson Agency

Agency Notes: Krista Chandlee - When you need more than just a Triple Threat. A recent Los Angles addition, Krista Chandlee has recently completed study in Meisner and acting for television and film in New York. Since her arrival on the West Coast she has been nabbing coveted acting jobs seemingly every time she auditions. Thus far in 2015 alone she has booked a spec commercial for Caribou Coffee, a print campaign for a young woman’s clothing line coming Spring of this year, and has been offered the lead role in a science fiction feature film. In other words, Krista Chandlee is in demand! Krista has an extensive resume of film, live theatre, television and hosting/modeling work. She has been the lead of more than seven film productions and featured in several others. On television she has starred or co-starred in many productions for the likes of SPIKE TV and the Rachael Ray show on CBS. Her commercial work is much too varied to list her though is available upon request. Krista also has some theatre work to her credit, all of which she either starred or co-starred in. Are you seeing a trend here? Krista Chandlee is a star - and soon everyone is going to know it. Krista has an extensive training history that allows her to shine regardless of the project. She has studied script analysis, movement, voice and speech, film and television technique, scene study and, as stated before, the Meisner method. Her ideal character, because of the intense study, is a villain with a heart; a strong, fiery, resourceful woman with vulnerability. A woman with questionable motives but a trustworthy appeal at the same time. In short, Krista Chandlee can and will flourish in every aspect of the entertainment industry! Just watch her! For more information:

Booking: NEW GIRL - The Robb Company

Booked: NEW GIRL Episode #418, "Walk of Shame"
Role: Ken
Represented By: The Robb Company
Casting Director: Anya Colloff / Michael Nicolo
Additional Notes: Billy is a STRONG actor who can play a wide range of roles and emotions with depth and authenticity. Athletic and chiseled with a military bearing, he is great at serious roles, but can also be very playful and comedic. Highly professional and easy-going, he's a wonderful asset to the team. Major TV and film credits.

Booking: TEEN WOLF - Park Noack Agency

Booked: TEEN WOLF Episode #503 "Dreamcatchers"
Represented By: Park Noack Agency
Casting Director: Wendy O'Brien & Jeffrey Gafner
Additional Notes: Chris Jai Alex’s other tv credits include a co-star roles in AMC’s “Turn”, Nickelodeon’s "Sam and Cat" and HBO’s “True Blood”. He also has a supporting roles in the feature films “6 Ways to Sundown” (with Vinnie Jones, Tom Sizemore, Vivica A. Fox, Dominique Swain & Bai Ling), “Terms and Conditions” (with Tom Sizemore, Vivica A. Fox & Bai Ling), “24 Hours (with Tom Sizemore, Misha Barton, Michael ParĂ© & Jeremy London) and "Evidence" (with Radha Mitchell and Stephen Moyer); a voice-over role in "2 Guns" (starring Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, James Marsden, Bill Paxton and Edward James Olmos); voice-over and motion capture roles in various top selling and upcoming video games (such as "Resident Evil 5", "Medal of Honor: Warfighter" (voice only), "Tomb Raider" and "The Last of Us"); as well as stunt and/or motion capture roles in the upcoming feature film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and past feature films “Thor: The Dark World: (starring Chris Hemsworth), "Jack The Giant Slayer" (starring Nicholas Hoult, Ewen McGregor and Ian McShane) "Red Dawn" (starring Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson) and "Tron: Legacy" (starring Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde). Chris Jai Alex is represented for TV/film and commercials by Adam Park with Park Noack Agency, Maureen Rose at Osbrink Talent Agency for voice-over work and Olga Denysenko with P + "Productions Plus- The Talent Shop" out of Michigan.

Booking: MURDER IN THE FIRST - Church-Hugger Management / Media Artists Group

Booked: MURDER IN THE FIRST Episode #204 "My Sugar Walls"
Role: Brian Tran
Represented By: Church-Hugger Management / Media Artists Group
Casting Director: Junie Lowry Johnson
Additional Notes: We're very excited for Eugene. You can also see Eugene in Guest Star roles in "Hawaii Five-0" and "Major Crimes"! Excellent Guest Star actor.


Role: Girl
Represented By: KTA Talent Group
Casting Director: Bumpit Casting

Booking: HEINEKEN - Church-Hugger Management and KOR

Role: Drunken Man
Represented By: Church-Hugger Management and KOR
Casting Director: Dan Bell casting
Additional Notes: Elliott is not only handsome and charming, but he has fantastic comedic timing and natural acting style. This is his second major commercial booking since he joined our management team near the end of last year.

Booking: IHOP - Church-Hugger Management and KMR

Booked: IHOP
Represented By: Church-Hugger Management and KMR
Casting Director: Nelson Casting
Additional Notes: Michael works a lot, but this is his first major national commercial booking! This young man oozes talent.

Booking: TRANSPORTATION - Pink Hammer Entertainment

Role: Passenger
Represented By: Pink Hammer Entertainment
Casting Director: Showreel International